Purchasing Cooperative of America

BWC Enterprises Inc. DBA Woodruff Construction

Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA OD-325-20  Job Order Contracting



                                Wade Woodruff
                                PH:  602-571-8620
                                Email: wade.woodruff@woodruffazcom

                  Jake Beauchman
                  PH:  602-463-4525
                  Email:  jake.beauchman@woodruffaz.com

                                Mark Johnson  
                                PH:  602-721-2937
                                Email:  mark.johnson@woodruffaz.com

                   Randal Ball
                   2710 E. Lakin Dr. Flagstaff, AZ 86004 
                   PH:  928-699-7239
                   Email: randal.ball@woodruffaz.com


Put "PCA OD-325-20 JOC" on your Purchase Order.


Woodruff Construction is a full service general contracting firm that has been successfully completing projects in Arizona for over thirty-seven years. Since Woodruff Construction was established in 1980 we have offered our clients complete construction services including Job Order Contracting, General Contracting, Construction Manager at Risk, and Design/Build.  Woodruff Construction strives to simplify the complexities of construction by forming a core team to achieve all your project-specific goals. We are focused on producing high quality work, efficiently, quickly, safely and within budget.