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WHO WE ARE. PCA is a national purchasing cooperative active in all 50 states, the U.S. Territories, and Canada and Mexico.

WHY WE DO IT. The PCA MISSION is to provide innovative BEST VALUE contracts, employ the HIGHEST ETHICAL STANDARDS in public procurement, and provide REAL time and money savings for all PCA Members and Awarded Contractors.

WHO WE SERVE. There is no cost to join PCA, MEMBERSHIP includes public sector entities including educational institutions K-12 through universities including charter schools; local, state, Federal and special district governmental agencies; Indian Tribal Governments; hospitals; law enforcement; and non-profit, non-taxed organizations.

HURRICANE SEASON JUNE 1 - NOVEMBER 30. PCA has contracts and vendors that are ready to serve our Members in any natural disasters-hurricanes, wildfires, flooding, tornadoes, etc. Members have successfully utilized our contracts and received reimbursement funds from FEMA. Contact PCA  with any questions. 

WHAT WE DO. PCA combines experience in contracting, purchasing, and RFP and RFQ solicitation writing to provide strong, legal contracts across multiple industries and the most technically innovative contracts available for buildings and facilities.

PLEASE NOTEWe are teleworking NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS to meet our service goals for our Members and Awarded Contractors. We continue to strive to attend to your calls, voicemails and emails in a timely manner.