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RFP3-172-17 Signage – Sales, Parts, Service And Related Items
Telecommunications Equipment, Supplies And/Or Services
Audio Visual, Media Equipment Supplies And/Or Services
Computers, Peripherals, Hardware & Software Supplies/Services
Network Electronics Equipment, Design & Consulting Assistance And Wiring Services
Website Services, Programs, And Products
Screen Printing & Branded Promo Items
RFP3-167-17S Pest and/or Weed Control & Related Services
RFP3-168-17S Waste & Refuse Containers – Roll Offs, Dumpsters, & Other Heavy Duty Containers, and Parts/Service
RFP3-169-17S Trades for Operations & Maintenance and Related Services and Supplies
RFP3-170-17S Heavy Equipment Rental, Maintenance, Parts, & New and Used Sales
RFP3-171-17S Substitute Teachers, Instructional Assistants, Tutors, and Others as Required

* Local and Single State Vendors [with no regional or national capacity] may respond also.

Respondents may choose one of two methods to respond to this solicitation: 
(1)Manual  - OR  -  (2)Electronic

Due to a publication error, PCA will accept supplemental proposals regarding the following national contracts until 11:00 a.m. CT on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at Region III ESC, 1905 Leary Lane, Victoria, TX 77901.   Any and all contracts, if awarded as a result of this publication, will be  effective from the Date of Award – May 4, 2018 with the possibility of 4 renewals.  The supplemental solicitations are published at NOTICE: PCA is holding a non-mandatory pre-proposal Meeting on June 27, 2017 at 1905 Leary Lane, Victoria, TX 77901 @ 10 a.m. – Noon. RSVP Required. Call 361-573-0731x210

RFP 3-167-17S, RFP 3-168-17S, RFP 3-169-17S, RFP 3-170-17S, RFP 3-171-17S

Because of the error, PCA is giving Vendors, who might have been interested in responding to the original solicitation, an opportunity to submit a proposal and be reviewed and considered for a supplemental award.

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Question: Does a company have to supply or do everything the RFP requests or can they provide only certain services &/or items in the RFP?
Answer: You do not have to provide everything in the RFP. You may respond to the RFP if you only supply some of the items &/or services.

Question: If we were to be awarded a contract, would our authorized dealers be allowed to sell off of our same contract?
Answer: Yes, all of your authorized dealers would be allowed to sell off of your schedule nationally to public agencies & non-taxed, non-profits. The agency/non-taxed, non-profits would basically prepare the Purchase Order referencing the PCA contracted award to the 'Awarded Contractor's Name', along with the PCA contract # & name, and their P.O. number. The authorized dealers normally would have to register at PCA which is free, fast and done at A list of these authorized dealers should be sent with your submittal. Other dealers may be added to this list with the  'Awarded Contractor's Name' notifying PCA in writing of any changes.

Question: Can a company offer more than the listed products?
Answer: Yes & please specify pricing for these as well. Also, adjunct products should be listed as 'Value Add' items for additional value to PCA Members.

Question: RFP 3-177-17 Website Services, Programs, and Products & 3-176-17 Network Electronics Equipment - Question: What are the specifics? (This answer also applies to all the RFPs.)
Answer: The best way to describe it is to tell us everything you can do.  This is an IDIQ solicitation, which means Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity. Members and Awarded Contractors work together directly; the individual PCA Members will have a specific scope of work and specifications of the services and products they require.

Question:  RFP 3-175-17 Computers, Peripherals, Hardware & Software Supplies - Question: What specific pieces of hardware do you need (i.e., kind, brand, specifications, etc.?  Also any quantities, if known.
The posted RFPs are IDIQ, which means indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity. The type or specific hardware that may be needed or wanted will be decided by each individual PCA Member. If awarded a contract, your company will be able to contact government agencies, universities, and other non-profit/non-taxed entities and have them join the cooperative to take advantage of all the products/services that your company offers that are adjunct to the scope and specs of the contract and based on the company’s submitted pricing.  In your response to the RFP, list the products/services that you provide and the best pricing you will offer.  You do not need to provide all of the items that are listed in the RFP.  Respond to the RFP based on your company’s products/services.  

Question RFP 3-168-17S: We are trying to confirm if the contract will be for just providing the equipment (dumpsters) or for equipment plus hauling of waste ie: waste management.
Answer: A company may respond to the RFP for equipment (dumpsters) only.  They may also include service/hauling of waste as part of the ‘value add’ section, if this is something they can provide.  Please include pricing & service areas (city, county, & state).

Question RFP 3-175-17: TAB 5, page 52, Bonding Requirements: Is this information required for the response to this RFP? We are proposing software solutions, and a bond is not typically required by districts/agencies for our product/services.
Answer: Bonding is not normally required for this Solicitation, put N/A.

Question: Can we submit the proposals via email?  
Answer: No, all proposals must be received according to the Instructions in Tab 2 of the RFP.

Questions regarding Foreign/ Non-U.S. Companies:

Question: Whether companies from Outside USA can apply for this (like,from India or Canada)?  
Answer: PCA Contracts include NAFTA countries (Canada and Mexico) and are reviewed and awarded for PCA Members (non-profit, not-taxed entities such as governmental agencies/entities and educational institutions).

Question: Whether Foreign/ Non-U.S. Companies need to come over there for meetings?
Answer: No, not unless the selection committee or the Board requests a meeting.

Question: Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside USA (like, from India or Canada)? 
Answer: PCA Contracts include NAFTA countries (Canada and Mexico).