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Waterproofing Services & Materials for Buildings and Facilities, including Curtain Wall, Foundations, & Roofing Repair



RFP3-160-17 Uniforms & Accessories for Band, Cheer, Choir, Dance, Gymnastics, Orchestra, & Theater
RFP3-161-17 Musical Instruments & Related Items for Orchestras, Bands, & Choirs

Questions regarding RFP 3-157-17

1) May other Craftsman cost books be used?
Yes, all of the other Craftsman construction estimating books maybe used for items not listed in the "National Construction Estimator" (the primary Unit Price Book). When an item cannot be found it shall be procured per the non-prepaid section in the UPB or as allowed by the Members jurisdiction where the job order is located.

Questions regarding RFP 3-159-17

1) Are single state vendors [no regional or national capacity] eligible to respond?
YES, you select the area(s) where you want to work. (This applies to all PCA RFPs.)

2) Craftsman is the designated UPB, however, many standard tasks are not included in this cost book; how are labor only “tasks” captured?
The RFP under Tab 6, page 61 of 67 lists Craftsman as the Unit Price Book (UPB). The “bid coefficient” i.e.: .95 equates to a 5% discount off of adjusted city cost Index and includes Parts & Labor – 3% fee & overhead items.
Under page 62 of 67 “Electronic Price Lists Submittals” the labor only rates by category may be submitted with the Bid Coefficient (discount) applied reflecting Bid Coefficient on page 61. (Discount off of your Standard Published Labor Rates which should include the Co-op fee would apply.) If you submit a hard copy, it would need to be included also.

3) Most UPBs do not include tax in their calculations; how taxes handled?
Taxes are placed as a separate line item and viewed as a pass through with NO PCA Contract fees being included.

4) Can a vendor charge travel/per diem for work outside the local area?
Yes, List the Zones & Mileage/Labor Rates for travel, the base area. i.e.: Phoenix Maricopa County or Tucson Pima County “No Charge” or 50 miles free from base, 50/100 miles xxx, etc. If you publish this show a list. List other per diems as shown: Hotel, Meals, etc.

5) Can a vendor add for bonding or is that included in the coefficient?
Bonding is a direct pass through to the Member with no PCA Fee applied. All bonds are to be reconciled at the end of the Project.

6) Are additional charges allowed for federally funded projects requiring Davis-Bacon wages?
The Member must tell the contractor if Davis Bacon or local wage rates applied. If a certified Payroll is requested by the Member the additional cost may be negotiated with the requesting agency.

7) If the designated UPB [Craftsman National Construction Estimator] does not contain a certain mechanical line item can the National Plumbing & HVAC Estimator or other Craftsman pricing books be utilized?
Yes, all applicable Craftsman cost books may be utilized to complete a line item estimate if it is not in the UPB. The contractors coefficient established for right hand column and bid for the Base UPB “National Construction Estimator” shall apply for all of the other cost books being utilized.

8) Could an alternate UPB like Trade-Service be used for smaller equipment repair items not found in the Craftsman UPB?
If a line item cannot be found in the UPB “National Construction Estimator” or other “Craftsman” cost books then it may be acquired via the Non-Pre-Priced section of the UPB.
Please Note, some states allow for the contractor to take three bids and pick the one meeting the items specifications and apply their pre-established overhead, fees and profit (the bid coefficient) to that line item(s). PCA will allow use of the state or local Jurisdictions requirements as applicable which if used should be noted on the line item(s).