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PCA Solicitations Due April 4, 2017 at 11:00 AM CT


Laboratory Equipment and Related Items

RFP3-163-17 Procurement Sourcing Software
RFP3-164-17 Cafeteria Equipment, Utensils, and Related Items
RFP3-165-17 Energy Conservation – LED Lighting, Automated Controls, and All Facilities Energy-Saving Items
RFP3-166-17 Laboratory Printers, Plotters, Paper Cutters, and Related Items

* Local and Single State Vendors [no regional or national capacity] may respond.


Question: Does a company have to supply or do everthing the RFP requests or can they provide only certain services &/or items in the RFP? (not referring to 3-163-17)

Answer: You do not have to provide everything in the RFP. You may respond to the RFP if you only supply some of the items &/or services.


Question: Will ink and toner supplies be considered in the Laboratory Printers, Plotters, Paper Cutters & Related Items (RFP) # 3-166-17?

Answer: Yes, you may respond to the RFP as it pertains to the NIGP codes listed on page 3 which applies only to inks for Plotters, Printer Plotters, & Recorders for Labs related items: 207-55-00 graphic supplies for plotters and printer plotters: inks, pens, penholders, chemicals, paper, etc. & 220-54-00 recorders and plotters, general laboratory type (strip chart, x-y, etc.), and supplies: chart paper, developing chemicals, ink, penholders, pens, etc. We will also be coming out with another RFP in the next month or two, which will include supplies for all computers, office supplies, etc.