PCA Solicitations Due May 2, 2017 at 11:00 AM CT


Pest and/or Weed Control & Related Services 


Waste & Refuse Containers – Roll Offs, Dumpsters, Other Heavy Duty Containers, & Parts/Service 


Trades for Operations & Maintenance, Related Services and Supplies (this PDF is complete now)


Heavy Equipment Rental, Maintenance, Parts, & New and Used Sales 


Substitute Teachers, Instructional Assistants, Tutors and Others as Required 

* Local and Single State Vendors [with no regional or national capacity] may respond also.

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Respondents may choose one of two methods to respond to this solicitation: 
(1)Manual  - OR  -  (2)Electronic

Question: Does a company have to supply or do everything the RFP requests or can they provide only certain services &/or items in the RFP?

Answer: You do not have to provide everything in the RFP. You may respond to the RFP if you only supply some of the items &/or services.

Question: If we were to be awarded a contract, would our authorized dealers be allowed to sell off of our same contract? (RFP 3-170-17)

Answer: Yes, all of your authorized dealers would be allowed to sell off of your schedule nationally to public agencies & non-taxed, non-profits. The agency/non-taxed, non-profits would basically prepare the Purchase Order referencing the PCA contracted award to the 'Awarded Contractor's Name', along with the PCA contract # & name, and their P.O. number. The authorized dealers normally would have to register at PCA which is free, fast and done at A list of these authorized dealers should be sent with your submittal. Other dealers may be added to this list with the  'Awarded Contractor's Name' notifying PCA in writing of any changes.

Question for RFP 3-168-17: Can a company offer more than the listed products? For example additional styles of front load, side load and rear load containers as well as additional sizes of Roll Off Containers. Can a company offer compaction equipment?

Answer: Yes & please specify pricing for these as well!

Questions & Answers for RFP 3-171-17 are located on the bottom of the RFP webpage in its' link above.  There were too many to include here.  You will see a text box that you can scroll through to read the questions & answers at the very bottom, before the submit button area.