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Bonfire only allows 1 person to be responsible for an account per solicitation submission.  If you have multiple people working on different areas of a solicitation, then prepare all the paperwork separately & upload it all when it is completed under the responsible person’s account. You may have separate Bonfire accounts if the co-workers are responding to different solicitations that they will be the contact for. (If you do this, make sure paperwork is not copied over with the other solicitations name & number on it.)

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New Solicitations Out Friday 11/30 & Due 1/15/19 at 11AM CT
RFP 3-205-18 Substitute Teachers & Other Temporary Personnel
RFP 3-206-18 Trenchless Rehabilitation & Related Items and Services
RFP 3-207-18 Office Supplies and Related Items
RFP 3-208-18 Modular, Portable, and Storage Buildings
RFP 3-209-18 Protective Sports Gear and Related Items
RFP 3-210-18 Safety Equipment for Schools and Related Items
RFP 3-211-18 Safety Equipment and Related Items for Police & First Responders
RFP 3-212-18 Fuel Cards and Fleet Card Data Management & Reporting Systems

* Local and Single State Vendors [with no regional or national capacity] may respond also.

All other questions will be answered in Bonfire with their corresponding RFPs in the Messages Section, in the Public Notice Tab.  Please read them before asking the same questions that another Vendor already asked, as everyone will get a notice in their email about your questions.  If you can't see the entire answer in the email go to Bonfire to see it.

Question: Does a company have to supply or do everything the RFP requests or can they provide only certain services &/or items in the RFP?
Answer: You do not have to provide everything in the RFP. You may respond to the RFP if you only supply some of the items &/or services.

Question: HUB (Historically Underutilized Business) Self-Certification?
Answer: You may not self-certify for any HUB, except for Small Business Administration (SBA). If another state (other than TX) has certified you as a HUB, yes that qualifies. Please submit all HUB Certificates for proof.

Question: If we were to be awarded a contract, would our authorized dealers be allowed to sell off of our same contract?
Answer: Yes, all of your authorized dealers would be allowed to sell off of your schedule nationally to public agencies & non-taxed, non-profits. The agency/non-taxed, non-profits would basically prepare the Purchase Order referencing the PCA contracted award to the 'Awarded Contractor's Name', along with the PCA contract # & name, and their P.O. number. The authorized dealers normally would have to register at PCA which is free, fast and done at A list of these authorized dealers should be sent with your submittal. Other dealers may be added to this list with the  'Awarded Contractor's Name' notifying PCA in writing of any changes.

Question: Can a company offer more than the listed products?
Answer: Yes & please specify pricing for these as well. Also, adjunct products should be listed as 'Value Add' items for additional value to PCA Members.

Question:  What are the specifics? (This answer applies to all the RFPs.)
Answer: The best way to describe it is to tell us everything you can do.  This is an IDIQ solicitation, which means Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity. Members and Awarded Contractors work together directly; the individual PCA Members will have a specific scope of work and specifications of the services and products they require.

Questions regarding Foreign/ Non-U.S. Companies:

Question: Whether companies from Outside USA can apply for this (like,from India or Canada)?  
Answer: PCA Contracts include NAFTA countries (Canada and Mexico) and are reviewed and awarded for PCA Members (non-profit, not-taxed entities such as governmental agencies/entities and educational institutions).

Question: Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside USA (like, from India or Canada)? 
Answer: PCA Contracts include NAFTA countries (Canada and Mexico).

Question: File sizes too large....Q&A Below... Manual Submissions are not accepted:  I saw where we are allowed to upload additional information for our bid. I do not see on the site how this is possible. I have several very large documents like a training catalog, and others. Can I ask how to do this please? Maybe I can make them into a zip file? Would it better to just say that we have these things available to see if they want to see it if they don’t fit?

Answer:  You may upload these documents in Tab 5 Scope and Specifications, Tab 6 with pricing or Tab 4 for the Company Profile – depending on the information to be submitted.  If it is too big to upload, then PDF it into smaller sections. Someone in your company should have the electronic file for your catalogs & then use AcrobatPro to cut them into smaller files or do it the old fashioned way & scan them into the computer into 3 or 4 sections & then upload them. (We used to have to do this for every company when we took manual submissions, we no longer accept manual submissions.)  If the information is permanently on your website, you may provide us with a direct link to see the item(s) or catalog(s). Remember PCA Members (your future customers) will also see the Submission, if you are awarded a contract.  For this reason, permanent links will be necessary.  (If awarded, increases in prices or changes in the goods/services will need to be made as addendums & approved by Region 3 ESC.) For companies that already did a Final submission & mailed us packages: we will not consider what was mailed to us; however, you may still un-submit your response to see what you have already uploaded & then ADD (or remove) documents, & hit SUBMIT before the deadline.  (A file being too large is not considered a website problem; since you can break it up into sections.)