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Bonfire only allows 1 person to be responsible for an account per solicitation submission.  So if you have multiple people working on different areas of the same solicitation, please upload the entire response under the responsible person’s account. However, if you have mulltiple people working on different solicitations (with the same Due Date), you may have separate accounts in Bonfire for co-workers responding to the different solicitations. If this is the case, be careful to make sure one solicitation response is not copied over with the other solicitation response's name and number on it.

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New Solicitations out Extended! 

NOTIFICATION OF ADDENDUM #1 - Vendor must download the addendum; have an authorized person acknowledge the addendum by signing and dating; and submit the addendum with the company’s submission or proposal. Please download it from the Public Documents area & upload in Tab 4, as Form K.

Solicitations Due August 4th at 11am CDT
RFP OD-325-20 Job Order Contracting
RFP OD-326-20 Athletic Equipment, Flooring, Supplies, and Related Items
RFP OD-327-20 Musical Instruments and Related Items for Bands, Orchestras and Choirs, Etc.
RFP OD-328-20 Heavy Equipment-New And Used - Sales, Rental, Maintenance & Parts
RFQ OD-329-20 Energy and Infrastructure with Alternative Funding Options

* Local and Single State Vendors [with no regional or national capacity] are encouraged to respond also.

Below are questions, with their answers, we have recieved for a number of solicitations. All other questions will be answered in Bonfire with their corresponding RFPs in the Messages Section, in the Public Notice Tab.  Please read all Q&A before repeating the same question that another Vendor already asked, as everyone will get a notice in their email about your question.  If you can't see the entire answer in the email, please go to Bonfire to see it.

Question: Does a company have to supply all the products or perform all the services that the RFP requests--or can they provide only partial products/services listed in the RFP?
Answer: You do not have to provide everything in the RFP. You may respond to the RFP if you only supply some of the items &/or services.

Question: HUB (Historically Underutilized Business) Self-Certification?
Answer: You may not self-certify for any HUB, except for Small Business Administration (SBA). If a state other than Texas has certified you as a HUB, yes that qualifies. Please submit certificates to receive credit for certification.

Question: If we were to be awarded a contract, would our authorized dealers be allowed to sell off of our same contract?
Answer: Yes, all of your authorized dealers would be allowed to sell off of your schedule nationally to PCA Members. The agency/non-taxed, non-profits would prepare their Purchase Order to the 'Awarded Contractor's Name', referencing the PCA contract # and name. Your authorized dealers should sign up wuth PCA which is free, fast and done at A list of your authorized dealers should be sent with your submittal. Other dealers may subsequently be added to the list by notifying PCA in writing of any changes. You would then set-up a reporting system, where the authorized dealers would report the sales to you for the Monthly Sales Reporting & Fees to be submitted to PCA each month.

Question: Can a company offer more than the listed products?
Answer: Yes, adjunct products should be listed as 'Value Add' items for additional value to PCA Members. Pricing must be provided for 'Value Add' items.

Question:  What are the specifics? (This answer applies to all the RFPs.)
Answer: PCA solicitations are IDIQ, which means Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity. Members and Awarded Contractors work together directly; the PCA Member will have a specific Scope of Work and Specifications of the services and products they require. The best way to describe it is to respond with everything you can do or provide to the Member.  PCA completes the procurement process; therefore, no plan sets and no plan holders list available.  The Budget will vary & will have an IDIQ maximum aggregate per Member per year... see Tab 1, around page 6 or 7.

Questions regarding Foreign/ Non-U.S. Companies:

Question: May companies from outside the USA respond to PCA solicitations (for example, from India or Canada)?  
Answer: PCA Contracts include NAFTA countries (Canada and Mexico) and are reviewed and awarded for PCA Members (non-profit, not-taxed entities such as governmental agencies/entities and educational institutions).

Question: Can we perform the tasks related to the RFP outside the USA (for example, in India or Canada)? 
Answer: PCA Contracts include NAFTA countries, Canada and Mexico.

Question concerning file sizes too large to submit in Bonfire: I have several very large documents like a training catalog, and others. How do I do this? Can I make them into a zip file OR would it be better just say that we have these things available?

Answer:  You may upload these documents in Tab 5 -- Scope and Specifications, Tab 6 -- Pricing, or Tab 4 -- Company Profile – depending on the information to be submitted.  If it is too big to upload, then PDF it into smaller sections. Take the electronic file for your catalog & use AcrobatPro to cut them into smaller files; or scan them into the computer into 3 or 4 sections & then upload them. OR If the information is permanently on your website, you may provide us with a direct link to see the item(s) or catalog(s). PCA Members (your future customers) will also see your response if you are awarded a contract.  For this reason, permanent links will be necessary.

Question: I hit FINAL SUBMISSION and I now I have another file to submit. What do I do?

Answer: BEFORE THE DUE DATE AND TIME, Companies that already did a Final Submission may 'un-submit' their response then add (or remove) documents and  SUBMIT again. Manual responses are not accepted & will be returned unopened.