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Vendor Information and Registration/Login

Thank you for your interest in PCA.


2 Steps to Become a PCA Awarded Contractor

Step 1. Click the BLUE link above and complete the online Vendor Registration form. Upon approval, PCA will issue a password by email, good for 24 hours and one use only. Check your spam folder for this auto email if you do not see it promptly in your Inbox. Please put email from domains and on your safe lists. 

Upon approval, you will be able to log in with your username and set-up a unique password to review new PCA solicitations. Your company information will go on our PCA Vendor List and PCA will notify you of available solicitations. We encourage you to check our website periodically. Registration on the website does not mean that a company has a contract. See Step 2.

Step 2. Respond to a solicitation. Respond to a PCA solicitation.  Responding to a RFP/RFQ does not guarantee a contract award. Responses will be reviewed by the evaluation committee.  The committee makes recommendations to the Awarding Agency; the Awarding Agency's governing board makes the contract award and you will be a PCA Awarded Contractor.

Technical Issues? Contact; state your username and the permanent password you prefer in the email.

To update your information: Login, then select "Click Here For Vendor Registration Form". Your username is auto filled, then you can update your information and select SUBMIT to send.


​Vendors:  If your customer has not yet joined PCA yet, have them fill out the Member Registration form on the 'Members' Tab. They will know their state and local requirements to complete an Interlocal Contract (currrently available on the Forms Tab). Remind your customer to include the PCA contract # on their PO.