Click here to download the Interlocal Contract. (Please complete the Participating Agency information.)

Click here to download a Texas Board Resolution Form, if required locally to join PCA.

Click here to download 'PCA Compliance with EDGAR for Non-Federal Recipients of USDE Grant Funding'

Click here to download 'PCA Compliance with Texas Department of Agriculture (TX DOA) Administrator’s Reference Manual (ARM), Section 17'

Click here to download 'PCA Procurement Process in Compliance with Texas Purchasing and Contracting Laws'

Click here to download 'PCA Compliance with Arizona Procurement process' (with the revised statutes and procurement rules for school districts, effective June 30, 2016 and thereafter)

Click here to download the 'PCA Solicitation Process'

Click here to download 'Become a Member' handout.

Click here to download 'PCA Contracts by Category' handout.



Click here to download the Contract Holder Monthly Report.

Click here to download a SAMPLE COMPLETED Monthly Report.

Per the contract:

  • Prepare and submit an activity report on a monthly basis.
  • Reports are due on the fifteenth (15) day of the following month.
  • Awarded Contractor is responsible for collecting and compiling all sales under the Contract from all members for the previous month and submitting one (1) consolidated monthly report in Section One. If you have more than one contract with PCA, please submit a separate report for each contract.
  • In Section Two, provide PCA with pro forma information showing estimated total dollar volume of all projects/sales that are pending with your PCA contract.
  • Use the Monthly Report Form in the Excel format and complete all the information requested. Send in copies of all Purchase Orders and Job Orders and Change Orders with the report.
  • Submit your report electronically to Alternatively, reports may be mailed to the PCA office at Purchasing Cooperative of America, Suite #500, 11811 North Freeway, Houston, TX 77060, along with a check for administrative fees.