Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA OD-306-20 Safety, Security, Compliance, Verification Services for the Public-at-Large
    • Awarded: May 5, 2020  Ends: May 4, 2025



Richard Spradley - CEO
Zach Artz - Vice President of Sales


Whooster™ the Investigative Database and Software Platform provides Real-time Person and Phone Data using proprietary algorithms linking and matching billions of public, private and telephone record data sets. Our current products Whooster Basic, Plus and Web are telephone centric identity verification tools that deliver valuable investigative data directly to law enforcement agencies. It is a mobile and web based reverse cell phone identity service and the data Whooster provides is the most current available on the market today.  The mobile service is conducted all via text messaging so no App is required to download. Any law enforcement official that has a cell phone with texting capabilities can utilize Whooster™. 

The Whooster™ product provides phone number-to-name and name to-phone-number information so users can quickly discover who belongs to a phone number. This is done by utilizing text messaging, web interface or API.  A free trial of Whooster can be obtained by texting ‘info’ to 512-808-0600.

  • Access otherwise unknown and hard to get information not available with other data sources
  • Use results to drill down or cross-reference all records delivered
  • Speed, responses in 5 to 7 seconds
  • Works on any phone that has texting capabilities and service 
  • Does not require internet connectivity
  • No software or app to download
  • Works on landline numbers, private numbers, cell phones, and toll-free numbers


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