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Tinsley Administrative Solutions, LLC & Subcontractor: 4C (scroll down)

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-322-20 Employee Assistance Programs
    • Contract Dates: July 13, 2020 - July 12, 2025  ​



Ana V. Tinsley, Benefits Administrator
601 Quail Valley Drive
PH: 512-731-7997
Email: avtinsley@ttasllc.com

Scott Moss, A.S.A., M.A.A.A., Software Specialist
55 Corporate Avenue, Plainville, CT 06062
PH:  860.540.3690 or 512-686-2849
Email:  support@pensionsoft.com  

Members put “PCA OD-322-20 Employee Assistance Programs” on your Purchase Order. 

Tinsley Administrative Solutions, LLC (TAS) is a Texas based Company, specializing in software and service-based solutions to pension plan administration challenges.  When it comes to pension plan administration, our expert staff is second to none.  Coupling our expert admin services with our Pensionsoft Corporation software is the best one-two punch in the business.

TAS also offers a wide variety of voluntary benefit services.  Our licensed agents are highly trained and able to assist with a wide array of insurance-based products.  We provide life and health insurance products, Medicare assistance, insurance based annuities and rollovers.

TAS Subcontractor: 


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4C Health Solutions doing business as 4C Digital Health        
Thomas Wudarski, COO
1201 Sycamore Square Dr., Suite 623
Midlothian, VA 23113
PH:  610-955-8706
Email:  twudarski@4cdigitalhealth.com

Members: When purchasing from 4C put PCA OD-322-20 4C on your purchase order.

4C Health Solutions doing business as 4C Digital Health combines expertise in technology, data science and healthcare to offer a complete solution suite for self-insured employers in maximizing healthcare plan benefits while minimizing cost.  4C provides the data insights and implements the solutions, in partnership with our clients, for you to achieve operational and financial control around this significant cost item, and simultaneously enhances and measures existing vendor performance and identifies areas of untapped cost savings opportunity. 

By providing self-insured employers with the ability to monetize your plan’s data, 4C enables independent oversight of your self-insured health plan’s performance.  4C will help you identify historical and ongoing optimization and cost savings opportunities, and give you needed assurance that your carrier/TPA are delivering on the fiduciary duties owed to you.  Unlike most vendors in this space, 4C does not take any money from carriers or other parties that could create a conflict of interest.  This unwavering loyalty to our self-funded clients safeguards our independent perspective and guarantees that you are always our first priority.  In addition, our affiliation with PCA and TAS permits you to procure our services discretely without publicly disclosing our sources and methods.