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Priorclave North America Inc

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-319-20 - Laboratory Equipment, Supplies, and Related Items


Barbra Wells
PH:  800.748.1459 x102
Email:  Barbra@PriorclaveNAcom

Annette Prior
PH:  800.748.1459
Email:  aprior@priorclave.co.uk


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Priorclave North America Inc – Priorclave’s steam autoclaves are intended for research labs that run 1 to 5 cycles per day--wet and dry loads, media and waste, quality assurance, and destruction testing.

From benchtop to large capacity pass-through models, all Priorclaves come with a 3-year warranty. No steam jacket or external steam generator is required—our autoclaves produce steam on-demand directly in the chamber using plain tap water (though they can be connected to house steam). Simple, sustainable, and reliable, Priorclave is the first and only autoclave to carry the ACT environmental impact label from My Green Lab.