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NEVA Corporation

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  • PCA 3-126-15 - HVAC Control Systems & Parts, Services, & Related Items



Nathan Schulke - Account Manager


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Neva® Corporation is Houston’s leading commercial air conditioning contractor providing tailored industrial refrigeration and commercial air conditioning service and support to a wide range of businesses across Houston and south central Texas. From preventative maintenance programs and industrial refrigeration service to comprehensive commercial air conditioning system replacement and control services, Neva®‘s highly skilled, responsive service team has delivered exceptional service, superior quality of work and specialized expertise for more than 30 years. Whether you are a large petrochemical company, a commercial management company or an industrial manufacturer, you can depend on Neva®‘s experienced, skilled service technicians to provide customized, tailored service designed to fit your unique needs.

Specializing in:

  • HVAC: Control Systems, Parts, Service, & Related Items
  • Building Control Systems
  • Industrial Refrigeration