Purchasing Cooperative of America

Medicaleshop Inc.

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-320-20 Educational & Instructional Materials, Supplies and Related Items
  • ​PCA OD-352-21 Medical Supplies, Equipment & Related Items 


Abbas Ajmeri - Administrator
PH: (866) 563-6812
Email:  bids@medicaleshop.com

Freny Ajmeri – Sales manager
PH: (860) 946-6079
Email: csteam@medicaleshop.com

Bob Smith – Customer service
PH: (860) 946-6086
Email: cs@medicaleshop.com


Members put one of the contracts info "PCA OD-320-20- RFP" on your Purchase Order


Medicaleshop Inc. – Authorized dealer of durable medical supplies and customize rehabilitation equipment for special needs community.