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  • PCA 3-192-18 - Kitchen Equipment, Products, POS, Service, & Related Items



Arnold Mortzheim
PH:  253-922-6077
Email:  arnoldm@intouchreceipting.com

Diane Mortzheim
PH:  253-922-6077
Email:  dm@intouchreceipting.com

Jennifer Chernut
Ph. 253.922.6077
Email: jennifer@intouchreceipting.com


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InTouch Receipting® is the enterprise level, centralized Microsoft SQL Server based cash receipting software for the K-12 market.  This easy to learn, yet comprehensive cash receipting suite provides information in real time.

Data is never re-entered once the transaction is executed, all related modules immediately have the information. InTouch is fully integrated, from TouchBase Online Payments to the building cashiering terminal, from district finance to the Athletic Director and Activities Coordinator.  InTouch further integrates with your Library, student information and your General Ledger.  Parents and students will be able to request comprehensive financial activity ledgers and be provided reports in a timely manner, either online or in person. Parent relationships are highly valued in InTouch Receipting.  Staff save hundreds of hours eliminating duplication of efforts.