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iParametrics, LLC

Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA OD-363-22 Disaster Preparedness Services & Related Services
    • Awarded May 11, 2022  - Ends: May 10, 2027


Jeff Stevens
Vice President, Emergency Management and Community Resilience
Waldwick, New Jersey 
​PH: (401) 536-8178
​Email:  jeff.stevens@iparametrics.com

​Sam Barnett
Director, Growth & Strategic Partnerships
​Austin, Texas
PH: (971) 282-1757
Email:  sam.barnett@iparametrics.com

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iParametrics, LLC – iParametrics is a recognized leader in emergency management and organizational resilience. For almost 20 years, we have provided expert guidance and subject matter expertise to help our clients confidently navigate the most challenging and complex issues relating to the safety and security of their people, assets, and operations.

At the heart of our company, we provide consulting that is geared towards putting in place proactive measures and controls to help our clients reduce risk, increase preparedness and system resilience. Our goal is to stop the bad things that happen in the world from happening and to reduce the depth and duration of impact when they do. When a crisis does occur, we provide technical guidance and subject matter expertise during the response and recovery phases as well as long term capacity building and development.  Our services include:


EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AND RESILIENCE:  We are a leader in emergency management and organizational resilience. Having continuously supported federal and state disaster programs since 2005, we understand the complex processes needed to assist public agencies. We help our clients navigate the emergency management life cycle, from preparedness planning before a disaster strikes, to response, recovery, mitigation, and long-term capacity building after the fact.


TRAINING AND EXERCISES:  We provide unique educational solutions to strengthen and prepare the clients we serve. Our learning and curriculum development experts craft the right solutions to meet any organization’s objectives. From the development of a single course to full learning management solutions, our team provides instruction in person or virtually. We have been providing training and conducting exercises on behalf of FEMA since 2005. We understand the importance of exercising plans to evaluate their effectiveness for guiding client operations.


SECURITY AND RISK MANAGEMENT:  We protect our nation’s most important infrastructure, from the water systems that provide clean drinking water to our communities, to the electrical grid that powers our towns, to our seats of government that provide essential services to our nation. Our team is led by licensed and certified experts in security and risk management who have decades of combined experience in all-hazards risk assessments, security and risk planning, and mitigation treatments for public and private clients.


ANALYTICS AND DIGITEL SOLUTIONS:  Our Data Analytics team works with our clients to design, develop, and deploy business process automation, data science, machine learning, deep learning, and other analytics tools that address and solve complex problems. We help our clients better understand their data, transform their data into insight, and support decision-making and program delivery.


PROGRAM AND COST MANAGEMENT:  We have provided planning, cost, value engineering, and economic analysis on thousands of government programs. We support cost-related engineering services for all phases of design and construction, and applications such as grant management for emergency recovery and response. Our in-depth knowledge of government design and construction programming, and their requirements ensures our clients receive independent, accurate, and defensible guidance.


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iParametrics, LLC
6515 Shiloh Rd, Suite 200
Alpharetta, GA 30005
Phone:(770) 664-6636
24/7 Emergency Line:  833.Ready.iP