EcoTech Sterilization Solutions, LLC

Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA OD-339-21 RFP COVID-19 Disinfecting/Sanitizing Products/Services, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) & Related Items



Chuck Tinsley, Owner
601 Quail Valley Drive, Suite 105
PH:  512-699-0055


Members: Please add “PCA OD-339-21 COVID19 Disinfecting/Sanitizing…” on your Purchase Order 


EcoTech Sterilization Solutions, LLC - is a Texas based company dedicated to providing superior solutions to our rapidly evolving workplace and public space sterilization challenges.
It is no longer necessary to continuously drown our environments in oceans of harsh chemical disinfectants to achieve our sterilization goals.  We, at EcoTech Sterilization, are dedicated to providing “A BETTER WAY “.

Our products use proven technology that have both FDA approvals and EPA certifications (92057-3).  Our products are ideally suited for use in our highly populated environments, such as, schools, metro transportation, detention centers and assisted living and nursing home environments, where the negative effects of over exposure to harsh chemical disinfectants is increasingly becoming a problem that must be addressed. Our products have a level 4 EPA safety rating, meaning, they are safe for use in all environments, including, food service environments, such as, cafeterias, kitchens, and food preparation areas.  Our products are safe for use in medical environments, such as, surgical rooms, treatment rooms and hospitals. They are safe for all applications around people, food, plants, and pets.

The long-term efficacy of our products eliminates the need for daily, or even several times a day, sterilizing treatments of our environments. The result is not only a safer environment, free of harsh chemical disinfectants, but a significant savings in man-hours required to keep our environments treated.  It is truly “A BETTER WAY “.

“EcoTech Sterilization is proud and honored to participate in the fight against COVID”.
--Chuck Tinsley, Owner