Purchasing Cooperative of America

CVAL Innovations

Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA OD-329-20 - Energy and Infrastructure with Alternative Funding Solutions



Jinen Adenwala
PH:  214-699-1326
Email: jinen@cvalinnovations.com

Ashu Atre, LC
Director – Business Development
PH:  215-622-6862
Email: ashu@cvalinnovations.com


Members put "PCA OD-329-20 – Energy" on your Purchase Order


CVAL Innovations – CVAL Innovations is an energy service company (ESCO) that performs services related to reducing the energy expenditure of buildings while increasing overall comfort. We are dedicated to helping our customers achieve Net-Zero energy consumption through our energy management endeavors. We offer an integrated energy conservation approach that delivers deep energy reductions, substantial cost savings, increased occupant comfort, and a reduced environmental footprint for a wide range of buildings and infrastructure.


  • ASHRAE Compliant Energy Audits
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Consulting and Management Services
  • Energy Conservation Programs
  • Equipment Selection & Rebate Applications
  • Commissioning/Retro-Commissioning Services
  • Turn-Key Installation and Project Management
  • Measurement & Verification
  • Third Party and Peer Review Services
  • Financial Services