CEV Multimedia Ltd.

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA 3-145-16 - Library Books, Textbooks, Digital Readers & Related Items


CEV Multimedia produces educational technology for Career and Technical Education (CTE) subject areas. Since its inception in 1984, CEV has prided itself on developing multimedia based curriculum for CTE subject areas such as Agriculture Science, Family and Consumer Sciences, Business & Marketing Education, Trade and Industrial Education, Health Science Education and Career Exploration. The company’s online product, iCEV, is a subscription based product featuring videos, lesson plans, assessments, interactive activities and projects. The product is updated weekly with new lessons and features. In addition to the lessons, iCEV aligns lessons to state and national standards to produce full course curriculum for many CTE courses. Also, through utilizing iCEV, students can earn industry-based certifications. The following iCEV products are currently available:

  • iCEV Agricultural Science​
  • iCEV Architecture, Construction, Manufacturing and Transportation
  • iCEV Business, Marketing, Finance, IT and Media
  • iCEV Career Exploration
  • iCEV Family and Consumer Sciences
  • iCEV Health Science
  • iCEV Law Enforcement, Corrections and Security

For more information and a 30-day free trial of the product, please visit www.icevonline.com.

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Contacts: customersupport@cevmultimedia.com