Purchasing Cooperative of America

Bonfire Interactive Ltd.

Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA OD-304-20 Procurement Sourcing Software
    • Contract Dates: June 8, 2020 – June 7, 2025 


Andrew Wilgar
PH:  519-500-9208
Email:  aWilgar@gobonfire.com


Members put "PCA OD-304-20 Procurement Sourcing Software " on your Purchase Order  


Bonfire is the leading cloud-based sourcing software, going beyond the basics of other bidding tools by having a laser-like focus on the evaluation and decision-making stages of your sourcing. Bonfire uniquely delivers powerful evaluation tools, perfect air-tight compliance, and immediate client satisfaction, while also streamlining the sourcing process and halving project times.  Our platform is trusted with billions of dollars of sourcing decisions each year, and has been one of the fastest growing new procurement technologies for sourcing teams in all sectors.


Effortless, powerful evaluation

  • The world's best evaluation tools that empower your team to find better decision outcomes, more easily

No paper or manual work

  • Completely eliminates the paper, manual, and Excel processes that bog your projects down

Full visibility and insight

  • Complete visibility into all of your projects and activities - delivered automatically and in real-time

Perfect audit trails

  • Automatic records of every detail of your projects, giving you perfect audit-proof compliance

"I love this tool"

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive design creates immediate stakeholder, client, and supplier satisfaction

50% faster projects

  • Faster evaluation, scoring, and consensus gathering slashes project times and boost efficiency