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  • PCA OD-328-20 - Heavy Equipment - New and Used - Sales, Rental, Maintenance & Parts



Chuck Gomez
PH:  956-683-5050

Nancy Rodríguez
PH:  956-464-0123

Rusty Sloss – Service Manager
PH: 956-867-2201


Put "PCA OD-328-20 Heavy" on the Purchase Order.


Big D Tractor LLC  (HUB, DBE, SBE) – Blue Cat Rentals specializes in the sales, rental and service of Caterpillar, John Deere, Kenworth, Ford, GMC, Mack and other lines of Big Trucks and heavy earth moving equipment including fleet management and auction services for fleet disposal.  With generations of experience behind us, we’ll be glad to assist with any equipment, parts or attachments you may need.

We carry a full line of Motorgraders, Excavators, Water Trucks, Backhoes, Bulldozers, Dump Trucks, Roll Off Trucks, etc. Please call us for more information. From government agencies to large contractors, we are ready to assist you on any size job.


*4000-gallon water tank
*Complete specs available
*Price: $214,750.00
*Gov’t Discount: <$32,212.50>
FINAL PRICE: $182,537.50
**Multiple units available

4000-Gallon Water Truck
1 Month Rental Period
Rental Price: $3,900.00 (gov’t exempt from taxes)

CAT CS56B 84' Vibratory Compactor
*Approximate current hrs.: 1100
*48 Month 2000 Hour Factor Warranty
from date & hours of purchase
*Price: $211,294.11
*Gov’t Discount: <$31,694.11>
FINAL PRICE: $179,600.00


2023 International HV607 4000 Gallon Water Truck
*Complete truck specs attached**
*Price: $210,000.00
*Gov’t Discount 15% <$31,500.00>
*Final Price: $178,500.00


CAT 323F AM200 Pontoon Excavator
*s/n MFY20084
*Approx. hours are 1,580
*Cab - a/c
*50 ft. long reach
*60" DC bucket
*CAT 36 month or 2000 hr. Powertrain & Hydraulic Warranty
*Price: $702,941.17
* Gov’t Discount: <$105,441.17>
* Final Price after Discount: $597,500.00

2019 John Deere 770G Motor grader
*Approx. hours 2400
*Rear ripper
*14.00 - 24 tires
*JD Warranty - powertrain & hydraulic up to 5,000 hours or till 10-28-2025
*Sale Price: $348,823.52
Gov’t Discount: $52,323.52
*Price After Discount: $296,500.00 (plus any applicable taxes)


  • Peterbilt 337
  • Paccar PX 6/7 Engine (Cummins Mfg.)
  • Automatic transmission
  • Standard 36-month Paccar PX7 engine warranty
  • Standard Peterbilt medium duty 12-month warranty
  • Warranty details available upon request
  • 2000-gallon (approx.) system
  • Sale Price: $329,500.00
  • Gov’t Discount 15%
  • Final Price: $280,075.00 (plus any applicable taxes)


*Loadmaxx L2 TL
*17.5 x 25 – Motor grader tire
*BIAS – Construction
*Max PSI – 69
*Max Load – 16, 100 lbs.
Unit Price: $818.00
  -Gov’t discount 15%
  -Tire only
 -Price may change
  -Please call & confirm before P.O request
  Sale Price: $695.00

   *Dynamaxx E3/L3
*17.5 x 25 – Motor grader tire
*Radial – Construction
*Max Load – 18,739 lbs.
*Omni grip
*Unit Price: $1,507.00
  -Gov’t discount 15%
  -Tire only
 -Price may change
  -Please call & confirm before P.O request
   Sale Price: $1,280.00


CAT 323 Next Gen Excavator
*s/n RAZ01044
*Approx. hours are 2800
*Unit will be equipped with new Pontoon undercarriage for use as Amphibious excavator.
*New boom & stick allowing for 50' reach will also be installed
*Purchase is available after 2 month rental with 80% rental credit towards purchase.

Sale Price: $569,000.00
Rental Credit: -$57,520.00
TX Heavy Surcharge: $7,672.20
Hidalgo Co. Special Inventory Tax: $1,291.49
Final Sale Price
: $520,443.69


CAT 323 Next Gen Excavator
2 Month Rental Period  
Bare Rent: $71,900.00
TX Heavy Surcharge: $1,078.50
Hidalgo Co. Special Inventory Tax: $181.55
Freight Round Trip To & From Houston, TX to Ports Mansfield, TX $14,000.00
Total: $87,160.05


2020 PETERBILT 348
*Approx. 29,000 miles
*Ledwell 4000 Gallon Tank
* Baffle - 1 Longitudinal & 3 Transverse baffles
* Rear ladder
*Push bumper tool box
*All-welded subframe, rubber
*Hydrant-fill capability
*Durashield tank liner
*In-cab air operated control
*Valves allows selection of front, rear or side spray
*Rear mounted hose reel with 50 - 1 1/4" jet spray hose W/1 1/2" nozzle
*4" x 3" pump - PTO driven
*Two (2) front spray heads
*Two (2) rear spray heads
*One (1) side spray nozzle with 1 1/2" hose outlet
*Standard spray heads
*Water level site tube front
*Backup alarm

Price: $192,000.00
Gov’t Discount: $28,800.00
Sale Price: $163,200.00 (plus any applicable taxes)


*YANMAR Engine
*Hydraulic traction with variable pump & 2 hydraulic motors directly connected to the rear wheels
*Hydraulic power steering with central articulated joint
*Type approved lighting system
*One seat cab equipped with heating system, wide glass surfaces & safety belts
*Sweeping system
*Suction system
*Water sprinkling system
*Manual tool for cleaning the suction mouth
*Air conditioning system
*Hydraulic shift for side brushes
*Use & maintenance manual
*1 Year Standard Warranty
* Extension up to the 5th year of warranty or 6500 hours (4 years more than the standard conditions) 

Price: $163,529.41
Gov’t Discount: $24,529.41
Extended Warranty: $12,290.00
Sale Price: $
151,290.00 (plus any applicable taxes)


2021 Rosco Maximizer 3 Oil Distributor
**Peterbilt model 337
**Paccar PX-7 engine
**Allison transmission
**2000 gallon
**Front live power
**Loading hose

Sale Price: $269,411.76
Government Discount 15%: $40,411.76
Final Sale Price Per Unit: $229,000.00


2022 Peterbilt 348 Load King 16' Dump Truck
**Dump trucks includes Peterbilt standard 12 months or 100,000 mile warranty (whichever comes first)
**Spec sheet attached
**Units can currently be delivered by end of year 2021 (upon availability)
**There are 10 dump trucks currently available

Sale Price: $197,500.00
Government Discount 15%: $29,625.00
Final Sale Price Per Unit: $167,875.00

Extended Warranty on each dump truck is available
*5 yrs. or 250,00 mile warranty (whichever comes first)

Sale Price: $197,500.00
Government Discount 15%: $29,625.00
Extended Warranty: $9,765.00 per unit
Final Sale Price Per Unit: $177,640.00

EXTENDED COVER WARRANTY (will auto download to your computer)


2020 Peterbilt 348 4000 Gal. Water Tank
Price: $182,941.18
Gov’t Discount: $27,441.18
Base Sale Price: $155,500.00 EXW Donna, TX
**No FET or any other tax or fees have been applied to this price.
**Any & all additional fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer.
**Approx. delivery date is 30-45 days from P.O
             ****SEE ATTACHED SPEC SHEET****



2023 Peterbilt 548 4000 Gal. Water Tank
Price: $215,882.35
Gov’t Discount: $32,382.35
Base Sale Price: $183,500.00 EXW Donna, TX

**No FET or any other tax or fees have been applied to this price.
**Any & all additional fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer.
**Approx. delivery date is late Oct. 2022
              ****SEE ATTACHED SPEC SHEET****




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