Big D Tractor LLC (Blue Cat Rentals & Frontera Equipment)

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-328-20 - Heavy Equipment - New and Used - Sales, Rental, Maintenance & Parts
  • PCA 3-170-17 - Heavy Equipment Rental, Maintenance, Parts, & New and Used Sales



Chuck Gomez
PH:  956-683-5050

Nancy Rodríguez
PH:  956-464-0123

Rusty Sloss – Service Manager
PH: 956-867-2201


Put "PCA OD-328-20 Heavy" or "PCA 3-170-17 Heavy Equip." on the Purchase Order.


Big D Tractor LLC  (HUB, DBE, SBE) – Blue Cat Rentals specializes in the rental of Caterpillar and other lines of heavy earth moving equipment. With generations of experience behind us, we will be glad to assist you with any equipment, parts or attachments you may need.

We carry a full line of: Motorgraders, Excavators, Water Trucks, Backhoes and Bulldozers. Please call us for more information. From government agencies to large contractors, we are ready to assist you on any size job.



Job consists of:

Organizing, loading and grinding of wood waste gathered by County/City staff. Job will be performed at any site chosen by county/city within precinct. Blue Cat will provide 755hp Horizontal Grinder, Grapple/Thumb Excavator and Wheel loader. Blue Cat will include all necessary operators and daily maintenance for units. Debris pile will be managed, ground up and loaded into county/city containers, trucks or spread on site (Customer’s decision). Quote includes transportation of equipment to and from 1 location (additional transportation fees would be added for each relocation). Cost does not include any type of permits or special coordination with any other governing office.

*Horizontal Grinder rental rate always include operator.

County/City provides fuel rate:
*Units will arrive full. County/city provides topping off on a daily basis and fills up at the end of job.

Monthly rate with loader and grapple excavator operators
(4 weeks/5 day weeks/8 hour days) $59,700.00


Noram 65E-T Motorgrader

  • Cab/air
  • 10’ Moldboard
  • Rear ripper
  • Demo Unit – approx. 15 hrs. since new
  • Standard 12 month or 2000 hrs. power train & hydraulic warranty
  • Motorgrader specs attached
  • Price: $170,500.00
  • Gov’t discount: $25,575.00
  • Heavy Surcharge Tax: Fleet Exempt       
  • Hidalgo Co. Special Inventory Tax: Fleet Exempt
  • Total Price: $144,925.00

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