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Ace Pipe Cleaning Inc. (a Carylon Co.)

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-307- 20 Trenchless Rehabilitation & Related Items and Services

Ace Pipe Cleaning Inc. – Ace Pipe Cleaning, Inc., headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, is part of a nationwide network of 19 Carylon Corporation companies.


Founded on Innovation

From the beginning, Carylon companies have thrived on the notion of innovation. They invented the first continuous rod, truck-mounted power rodder for cleaning sewers, developed the use of closed-circuit television for sewer line inspections, and pioneered the internal sealing of leaking sewers using pressure chemical grouting.


Services & Capabilities

  •    Digester Cleaning - Sluggish, overloaded and inoperable digester tanks brought back to full operating capacity.
  •    Digital TV Inspection - Sophisticated pipe and sewer system data collection, analysis, reporting and archiving. 
  •    Hydro-Blasting - The ideal method for cleaning internal, external, flat or irregularly shaped surfaces.   
  •    Infiltration Control - Guaranteed solution to infiltration, without excavation, traffic disruption or by-pass pumping.   
  •    Lateral Service Line Inspection and Sealing - Pressure chemical grouting seals leaks in service laterals.   
  •    Manhole Rehabilitation - Providing a cost effective, permanent seal against corrosion, infiltration and exfiltration.   
  •    Multi-Sensor Pipeline Inspection - Data from Multiple Sensors on one robotic platform, in one inspection pass through a pipeline. 
  •    Sewer Cleaning - High velocity jetting and power bucketing for fast, effective cleaning of sewer lines.


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Bruce Jameson – Regional Mgr
1509 Sylvania Court
Fort Worth, TX. 76111
Email: bjameson@acepipe.com

Christopher Cameron - San Ant Mgr
PH: (512) 653-1161
Email: Ccameron@acepipe.com

Mark Calvert - Denver local provider
PH: (816) 853-6989
Email: mCalvert@acepipe.com

Tom Raybourn - Nashville Mgr
PH: (615) 920-6717
Email: tRaybourn@acepipe.com

Ryan Poertner - Div Mgr (St. Louis, MO)
PH: (314) 368-1574
Email: mCalvert@acepipe.com