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  • ​PCA 3-206-18 Trenchless Rehabilitation & Related Items and Services 


Contacts:           Lloyd Evans
                            PH:  209-423-1838
                            Email:  levans@vortexcompanies.com

                            Ryan Graham
                            PH:  281-639-3237
                            Email:  rgraham@vortexcompanies.com


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Vortex Companies, LLC  - The Vortex Companies deliver advanced trenchless technologies and turnkey services to cost effectively renew water, sewer, and industrial infrastructure. We provide a suite of services and products, including bypass pumping, lining and coating systems, repair materials, robotic cutters, pipe bursting, and facility renewal.

Vortex Companies include:

Quadex Repair Material
Quadex Lining Systems, LLC
Vortex Services, LLC (formerly VacVision Environmental, LLC & Vortex Turnkey Solutions, LLC)


Quadex Lining Systems, LLC – Since 1991, Quadex has been one of the most respected names in the protective coatings and linings sector of the wastewater rehabilitation industry. Quadex products and equipment have been meticulously developed and designed to protect and restore the structural integrity of the water and wastewater infrastructure. The Quadex Lining System is the industry’s most advanced geopolymer, GeoKrete, that restores large diameter pipes, culverts and tunnels of all types and shapes. The QLS corporate team and strategic partners are rigorously trained and qualified to work in confined entry environments to successfully restore severely deteriorated storm and wastewater infrastructure for up to 50 years or more.


The Quadex Lining System also comes with advanced precision application equipment unmatched in the industry. The combination of an advanced material, GeoKrete, and the QLS equipment ensures precise and efficient application, and quick cure times.



Pipes, Culverts, and Tunnels Greater than 30-inches:
Corrugated Metal



Manholes, Boxes and Structures of similar materials.


Internal Joint Seals
Pipe Bursting
Bypass Pumping

For more information on these services please visit: https://vortexinfrastructure.com/

Quadex - We have a long history of making old infrastructure new