Purchasing Cooperative of America

RollKall Technologies, LLC

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-370-22 Extra Duty Police Officer Details; Scheduling Services & Related Items
    • Awarded September 14, 2022    Ends: September 13, 2027



                                Albert Vasquez
                                Vice President, Sales
                                PH:  469-581-2107
                                Email:  avasquez@rollkall.com

                                Rachael Landman
                                LEA Partner Manager/Sales and Accounts
                                PH:  469-784-9303
                                Email:  rlandman@rollkall.com

                                Sharon Culpepper
                                Sales Communication Manager / Bids and RFPs
                                PH:  469-784-9304
                                Email: sculpepper@rollkall.com

                                Derek Beckman
                                Chief Revenue Officer
                                M: 732-600-4707
                                O: 972-332-5891 x 0447
                                Email: dbeckman@rollkall.com

                                Sara Stokes Business
                                Development Manager
                                Email: sstokes@rollkall.com

                                Ana Mehryari
                                Chief Marketing
                                Email: amehryari@rollkall.com


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RollKall – “Connecting our Communities with Everyday Heroes” Dedicated to law enforcement, RollKall simplifies every aspect of extra-duty management so agencies and officers can focus on what’s most important: protecting and serving their communities.

RollKall is the industry’s most comprehensive extra-duty management solution, offering flexible options from software-only to full administration of your program. We work with each agency in a way that meets the agency’s needs in order to bring transparency to extra-duty jobs by connecting every stakeholder in the process. We help connect our communities by fostering positive relationships among businesses, local police officers, and the law enforcement agency. Our reputation and partnerships allow us to work alongside and provide guidance, unlike anyone else.

RollKall has scheduled approximately 29.6 million hours, accounting for 6.1 million jobs, or “details,” for off-duty officers, across 38 states, enabling more than $1 Billion of off-duty payments to officers. This represents opportunities for work across a variety of industries across the United States. 

RollKall - will perform all services directly without the use of subcontractors. Services can be as simple as 1) supporting you with a software license for scheduling jobs, 2) working with you as you utilize our platform for scheduling and invoicing/payments, or 3) can include the full administration and management of the extra-duty detail program including, but not limited to:

  • Training for your agency and your officers
  • Handling requests from clients through our secure online platform as well as personalized telephone assistance.
  • Posting jobs on the secure platform
  • Scheduling assignments according to your policies
  • Invoicing the client for hours worked as well as Borough admin fees
  • Collection of payments through prepay (ACH or credit card) or through payment terms
  • Timely payments to the Borough regardless of client payment
  • Follow up to collect payments from past due clients
  • Robust built-in reporting
  • Regular updates and upgrades to the software
  • Continued support from our Customer Experience Team