Richwoods Technology Inc. dba Azpen

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-372-22 Computer Equipment, Supplies & Related Items
    • Awarded September 14, 2022    Ends: September 13, 2027


Contacts:                Main Contact: Jim Hu
                                Phone: 972-378-5559 Ext. 100
                                Direct Line: 972-905-4591

                                Director of Sales: Mike Glasscock
                                Phone: 972-378-5559 Ext. 101
                                Direct Line: 972-905-4592

                                Accounting: Vivienne
                                Phone: 972-378-5559 Ext. 105
                                Direct Line: 972-905-4596


Members put "PCA OD-372-22 – Computer..." on your Purchase Order (Computer Equipment, Supplies & Related Items)


Richwoods Technology Inc. (Brand Azpen) based in Plano, Texas is a global provider of Computer Laptops, Chromebooks, Tablet PC's, Interactive Displays, Smartboards, Monitors, Docking Station Hubs, Headphones, Webcams, Charging Carts, Motorized Carts, Wireless Technology, Computer Accessories such as keyboards and cases.