Purchasing Cooperative of America

Kelly Education

Awarded Contracts:

  • OD-310-20 Substitutes and Other Temporary Personnel, Including Virtual Classrooms and Offices
  • PCA 3-205-18 Substitute Teachers and Other Temporary Personnel


Suzanne Zanoli   Director, Events Mgmt & Mkt Engagement  | RVP - Southwest

Jennifer Carosielli   RVP - Northeast

Bobby Schorr   RVP - Southeast

Rick Lenkey   VP – National Sales Manager


​Put "OD-310-20 Subs/Temps" or "PCA 3-205-18 Subs" on your Purchase Order.


Kelly Education (bought​ Insight Workforce Solutions, LLC. so you might see references to Insight in the contracts)Providing comprehensive talent solutions for education. At Kelly Education, we believe TALENT is the key to facing the challenges inherent in our education system.

We're the trusted source for education talent solutions, serving thousands of organizations and millions of students across the United States for more than 20 years. From substitute educators to school nurses, our innovative workforce solutions are designed to address all areas of your organization—when and where you need it.

Every year, we place more than 4 million education roles, including 300,000+ non-instructional positions, across all levels of the education system. Through rigorous vetting and ongoing professional development, we ensure our partners always have access to superior candidates they can trust.

When you work with Kelly Education, our goals are your goals. We bring you best practices in talent engagement, cost savings, predictive supply, and demand analytics, and more.

Let us solve your most complex workforce challenges both today and in the future—by delivering talent that moves education forward.