A2S Inc.

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-342-21 Furniture and Related Items 
             -  Awarded: April 12, 2021    Ends: April 11, 2026


Contacts:                Nicolas Shaw
                                PH:  530-721-5826
                                Email: nic.shaw@a2s.com

                   Thomas Müller
                   PH:  631.501.1057
                   Email: tmw@a2s.com

                                Franziska Rank
                                PH:   631.501.1057
                                Email: rfr@a2s.com

                                Ronni Jarvis
                                PH:   (516) 788-0528
                                Email: ronni.jarvis@a2s.com


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A2S Inc. – A2S is one of Europe’s leading school outfitters. For over 80 years, A2S has been helping schools, pedagogues, and especially children, learn, thrive, and achieve. At A2S, we support our clients, with over 6.000 meticulously designed and crafted furniture solutions, for nearly every area within a school, from early childhood, to higher education. We also provide free design services and drawings in order to help our customers to imagine how a certain area could look like.