Purchasing Cooperative of America


There is NO membership fee to join PCA! Eligible entities join and participate in PCA for free. PCA operations are supported through an administrative fee paid by awarded contractors; the administrative fee does not impact the cost the the Member because it is an component of the awarded contractor's overhead cost. 

Eligiblity for membership in the PCA: ALL 50 States, U.S. Territories, Canada, Mexico, Local, State, Federal and Other Government Agencies; Educational Institutions and Non-Taxed Non-Profit Organizations; including Religious and Charitable Organizations. 

Online registration issues: First, verify that your PCA login information/password email is not in your spam/junk file. If it is not there, please contact our office by sending an email from the 'Contact Us' Tab. If applying over the weekend, you may not get access until Monday because PCA vets your entity before giving you access to the website. 

How eligible entities in Texas become members of the PCA Cooperative: Certain entities in Texas, including school districts, according to Tex. Gov't. Code, Chapter 791, Interlocal Cooperation Act, and Tex. Local Gov't. Code, Chapter 271, Subchapter F. Cooperative Purchasing Program, must sign an interlocal agreement with another governmental agency to participate in their cooperative purchasing program. 

How eligible entities outside Texas become members of the PCA Cooperative: Entities in states other than Texas are responsible for knowing the interlocal contracting requirements of their state. Most entities just complete the online Membership Form to become a Member and participate in the time and money savings offered by the PCA program. 

Yes, a public agency may use the PCA program without going out for solicitation! PCA Members meet Texas' and other states' competitive bidding requirements and benefit from volume purchasing power. The entire process has been completed following Texas', other states', and the FAR's purchasing and contracting statutes. Due diligence documentation is available in the Bonfire system to PCA Members; access will be provided to you upon request at pcamerica@pcamerica.org. 

More than one person may sign in from your organization. Your organization can have multiple users just as long as they create their account with a unique USERNAME and PASSWORD and EMAIL ADDRESS.