Purchasing Cooperative of America


Open Records Policy: If a Vendor believes that parts of its response to a solicitation may be exempted from disclosure under Texas law, Vendor must specify which exception(s) to the TPIA are applicable and provide detailed reasons to substantiate the exception(s). More information may be found in the solicitation. PCA assumes no obligation or responsibility relating to the disclosure or nondisclosure of information submitted by Vendors. 

PCA is a national cooperative. PCA is based in Texas and all PCA contracts are written to be used by local, state and Federal government agencies, educational institutions, Indian tribal governments, and non-profit, non-taxed organizations in all 50 states, U.S. Territories, Canada and Mexico.

PCA contracts are awarded following legally mandated procedures? Contracts are competitively bid and the procedure meets Texas and other states' procurement and contracting statutes as well as the applicable Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR) by reference.

How PCA contracts are awarded: PCA contracts are awarded by the Awarding Government Agency by the Board of Directors or Council, using a competitive solicitation process consistent with Texas procurement and contracting laws and regulations. 

Does PCA perform contract reviews? To ensure member/awarded contractor accountability, PCA will perform a review upon request. PCA provides for member-awarded contractor liaison in the event of contract questions. Otherwise, members work directly with awarded contractors.