Purchasing Cooperative of America


Regulations govern expenditures of third party recipients of U. S. Dept. of Education Federal grant funds. PCA is current with the EDGAR update, see the Forms Tab for the compliance letter.

REBATES TO NON-FEDERAL RECIPIENTS OF FEDERAL GRANTS from procurement cards, credit cards or purchasing cooperatives. A percentage of the rebate, based on the percentage of expenditures from federal funds with that p-card, credit card or purchasing cooperative to total expenditures with that p-card, credit card or purchasing cooperative, must be returned to the Federal Government either (1) as a credit to the expenditure account if the grant program is still open OR (2) by check made payable to the Federal Government if the grant program has closed. [2 CFR 200.406. Applicable Credits]

PCA contracts are IDIQ contracts. In all cases wherein the Member is using federal funds to purchase goods or services through a PCA Contract. PCA recommends that the Member conduct their own independent price or cost analysis in compliance with 2 CFR 200.323 before issuing a purchase order or entering into a contract with an awarded contractor.