Purchasing Cooperative of America

Terms and Conditions

The PCA Awarding Agency, an agency of the State of Texas, will:

  • Administer the Purchasing Cooperative of America cooperative purchasing program.
  • Provide legally awarded contracts.
  • Provide PCA contracts that will satisfy competitive procurement requirements to PCA members.
  • Provide up to date information concerning contracting opportunities with PCA Awarded Contractors (vendors).


Participating Agency, as a member of Purchasing Cooperative of America, will:

  • Designate a contact person and update the contact information as necessary.
  • Provide an authorized signature on the Interlocal Contract, if required by the Member.
  • Work with Awarded Contractors (vendors) according to the PCA contract.
  • Issue Purchase Orders stating "Purchasing Cooperative of America" or "PCA" and the Contract Number.


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