ESS Midwest, Inc. formerly willSub®/PCMI

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA 3-171-17 - Substitute Teachers, Instructional Assistants, Tutors, and Others as Required


willSub® is a proprietary, software program, exclusively provided by PCMI. In order to protect your data - it resides on secure servers at all times. Other features, including payroll processing and District information tracking are integrated into our system, making PCMI/willSub® a truly turnkey package. When you combine our total solution proprietary software, and the educational contract employment experience of PCMI, we are able to provide a full service in a single vendor to Districts in a way no other company can.

With the ever-changing needs of schools, willSub® has continually developed new features and upgrades. These upgrades have allowed schools to become even more efficient while further reducing costs.

Some highlights of willSub® include:

  • Automated Voice/On-Line Substitute Management System
  • Free, Unlimited Phone Call/Text Messaging Job Alerts
  • Building and District Level Control Via Approval and Disapproval Process
  • Substitute Teacher Training and Orientation Program
  • Training for all willSub® Users
  • Recruitment of Substitute Teachers and other Positions 
  • Complete Payroll Services 
  • District Employee Absence Tracking
  • District Employee Absence Management
  • Free Technical Support
  • No Upgrade or Annual Maintenance Fees
  • No unexpected charges
  • Dynamic Data Analytics and Multiple Robust Standard and Customizable Reports Available in Your willSub® Dashboard
  • Experienced staff with over 20 years in personnel and employment law.

Please put "PCA 3-171-17 - Substitute Teachers" on your Purchase Order.



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