Welcome! New Solicitations out now!

Solicitations out now!

Due May 26 at 11am CDT

RFP OD-313-20 Furniture, Fixtures, Equip, including Maint, Install, & Related Items
RFP OD-314-20 Outdoor Recreational Surfaces, Sports & Field Turf, & Associated Outdoor Items
RFP OD-315-20 Playgrounds & Park Equip, Install & Maint Svs
RFP OD-316-20 Glazing: Windows, Doors, Curtainwall – Install, Repair & Maint
RFP OD-317-20 Stadium & Sports Fields Equip, Install & Maint Svs
RFP OD-318-20 Telecommunications, AudioVisual, Signage, Computers, Peripherals, Network Svs, Supplies & Related Items

Due June 23 at 11am CDT

RFP OD-319-20 Laboratory Equipment, Supplies, and Related Items
RFP OD-320-20 Educational & Instructional Materials, Supplies and Related Items
RFP OD-321-20 Case Management Services
RFP OD-322-20 Employee Assistance Programs
RFP OD-323-20 Demographic Services
RFP OD-324-20 Facilities Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO), Supplies, Parts, and Related Items


PCA staff are working normal business hours to meet your service goals; yet unfortunately, our phone and email communications have been negatively impacted by the high volume of the population on the phone lines and internet, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. We sometimes find that we are not receiving messages or emails until the next day. We will continue to strive to respond to your voicemails and emails in a timely manner. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Warning: Someone has been impersonating our emails, specifically our Director Elaine.  Please remember that our emails are NOT from pcameriica.org with 2 i's.  Always check the spelling of the emails & call your customers directly to make sure the orders are real.

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The PCA MISSION is to provide innovative BEST VALUE contracts, employ the HIGHEST ETHICAL STANDARDS in public procurement, and provide REAL time and money savings for all PCA Members and Vendors.

Membership is FREE for educational institutions, government agencies, Indian Tribal Governments, hospitals, law enforcement, and non-profit, non-taxed organizations in all 50 states, U.S. territories, Canada & Mexico.

PCA combines experience in contracting, purchasing, and writing RFPs and RFQs to provide strong, unique contracts across multiple industries and the most technically innovative contracts available for buildings and facilities.

COST OF NOT USING PURCHASING COOPERATIVE SERVICES?   * Time and money--and TIME IS MONEY!   * Prolonged inefficiencies   * Delays cost $$$   * Lost opportunities costs