New Solicitations out March 23 & due May 1, 2018:
PCA 3-189-18 Art Class Supplies (Traditional & Electronic)
PCA 3-190-18 Technical Laboratory Systems & Related Items
PCA 3-191-18 Vocational Training Products, Services, & Related Items
PCA 3-192-18 Kitchen Equipment, Products, POS, Service, & Related Items

New Solicitations out April 20 & due May 29, 2018:
RFP 3-193-18 National Job Order Contracting Service
RFP 3-194-18 Automobile Parts and Related Items
RFP 3-195-18 Tires and Related Items
RFP 3-196-18 Aluminum Ramps, Walkways, Stairs Systems & Related Items and Services

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