Tinsley Administrative Solutions, LLC

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-322-20 Employee Assistance Programs



Ana V. Tinsley, Benefits Administrator
601 Quail Valley Drive, Suite 123
PH: 512-731-7997
Email: avtinsley@ttasllc.com

Jacqueline Townsend, Life & Health Representative
111 N. Main Street
PH: 254-488-8319
Email: jtownsend@wealthheritagegroup.com

Chuck Tinsley, COO/Software Specialist
P.O. Box 2211, Georgetown, Texas 78627
PH: 512-699-0055
Email: cetinsley@ttasllc.com


Members put “PCA OD-322-20 Employee Assistance Programs” on your Purchase Order

Tinsley Administrative Solutions, LLC (TAS) – is a dedicated, educated, and highly experienced staff, led by Ana V. Tinsley. We have the experience and know-how to meet all of your administrative needs, online retirement calculator, insurnance needs, and more. You can rest easy knowing you will always be in compliance with state and federal reporting requirements. Your members will have full access to a wide array of web-based tools and other life changing solutions for members and their families. Checking current benefit status or getting future benefit estimates will be simply a mouse click away. TAS may be the point of contact for your Custodial bank, Actuarial entity, service providers, and all local, state, and federal governing bodies. TAS may provide benefit calculations, Domestic Relations Order (DRO) calculations and preparations, calculate and supervise all benefit disbursements, maintain accurate member records and much much more. When you have questions, TAS will have the answers.

The professionals, at Tinsley Administrative Solutions, understand that the size and complexity of retirement planning, insurance coverage, health coverage, and rollovers for a safe haven of your hard earned income are many. While, comprehensive retirement planning and full internet portal capability is, exactly what many members need and desire, it may not fit for others. Setting up your retirement planning on the TAS internet portal will be an absolute game changing solution for those that choose to keep their administration in house. Having first hand administration solutions from TAS will be a life changing arrangement not only to your retirement planning needs but to all other administration needs. To try and meet the varying needs of members at PCA, TAS has developed seven main tiers of service and have merged with Wealth Heritage Group, LLP to accomplish all the needs a member at PCA may have.

Tier 1- TAS comprehensive administration solutions, bundled with the TAS Internet Portal. This is as full service coupled with enrollment in the TAS Internet Portal. Call us for a detailed discription of our internet portal and the amazing web tools that will be available to members

Tier 2- We offer our amazing TAS Internet Portal to those that desire the retirement plan administration software, but have minimal need for retirement plan administration. We can have your retirement plan coded into our system and up and running in a matter of weeks as opposed to months. We will, of course, supply all the IT support you will need with this option. Feel free to call us for a detailed description of what you can expect from the TAS Internet Portal.

Tier 3- We offer In house Licensing of the Internet Portal to those that desire to host the license in house and TAS would provide comprehensive database and web support to members with roles in retirement plan administration, retirement plan sponsorship, and/or boards of trustees.

Tier 4- Task Specific Solutions. TAS is willing to perform any retirement plan administration need that you may have, on a task specific basis. We feel sure that we can accomplish these at a far more reasonable rate than you may now be paying your service providers.

Tier 5- Other Solutions:- Merged with Wealth Heritage Group, LLP to provide services for group/individual life insurance, and group/individual health insurance for all members at PCA. WHG work hand and hand with carriers to provide services.

Tier 6- And More:- Merged with Wealth Heritage Group, LLP to provide services for Medicare, Rollovers, and Final Expense needs for all members of PCA. WHG work hand and hand with carriers to provide services.