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  • PCA 3-145-16 - Library Books, Textbooks, Digital Readers & Related Items


Saddleback Educational Publishing (WOSB=WBE & SBE) was established in 1982 in California as a distributor of educational books, media and software. President and Founder, Thomas J. Milano, started the company as a home-office-based business with shipping done out of his residential garage.  With a background in education, from teaching and distributing educational materials, Tom used his knowledge and experience to select and create catalogs specifically geared towards special education.

 In 2009, Thomas Milano retired, selling Saddleback to his daughter and son-in-law. Today, Tim and Arianne McHugh continue Tom’s legacy with Saddleback with the same principles that it was started with 30 years ago.

Saddleback has evolved to become the leading hi-lo (high-interest, low-readability) publisher. Saddleback is proud to provide custom solutions for students in need of intervention. We offer products in all subject areas for students in grades 3-12, ELL, and adults who struggle. What makes us unique is our passion for creating age-appropriate materials at accessible reading levels. Our hope is that by giving a reader an age-respectful book at an accessible level, we will increase their reading confidence. If their confidence is increased, the chances they will pick up another book are higher. The greatest hope of course is that they develop a lifelong love of reading along with becoming proficient. We work every day with this mission to spread the love of reading.  


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