Point Alliance Solutions, LLC (HUB)

Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA OD-303-20 Disaster Recovery Services and JOC Restoration - Works in CA, CO, FL, KY, LA, TX
  • PCA 3-220-19 National Job Order Contracting Service - Works in CA, CO, FL, KY, LA, TX & OK
  • PCA 3-219-19 Stadiums and Sports Fields Equipment, Installation & Maintenance Services - Works in CA, CO, FL, KY, LA, TX (not in OK for this one)
  • PCA 3-193-18 National Job Order Contracting Services  - Works in TX only with this contract


Put one of the contracts above on "PCA 3-XXX-XX" on your Purchase Order.



Luis Lopez


Point Alliance Solutions, LLC (HUB)specializes in the construction, renovation and remodeling of Private Commercial, Government, Educational, Institutional and Multi-family properties. We also have expanded to Cooperative and Job Order Contracting.  

Specializing in:

  • JOC
  • HVAC
  • Waterproofing