Hunt & Woodruff Construction Company, LLC

Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA 3-100-14 National Job Order Contracting Service (ending August 2019)

  • PCA 3-193-18 National Job Order Contracting Services (as the TX LLC dba of Woodruff Construction)


Texas - Keith Hunt
PH:  956-459-1696

Wade Woodruff
PH:  602-571-8620

Put "PCA 3-193-18 JOC" on your Purchase Order.


Hunt & Woodruff Construction Company, LLC (H&W) is a full service general contracting firm that serves the Texas area. We offered our clients complete construction services including Job Order Contracting, General Contracting, Construction Manager at Risk, and Design/Build.  Woodruff Construction strives to simplify the complexities of construction by forming a core team to achieve all your project-specific goals. We are focused on producing high quality work, efficiently, quickly, safely and within budget.