E Contractors USA LLC

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA 3-193-18 - National Job Order Contracting Services



Manny Garcia
PH:  713-493-2500
Email: mgarcia@econtractors.com

Irfan Abji
PH:  713-493-2500
Email:  iabji@econtractors.com

Michael Doucette
PH:  713-493-2500
Email: mdoucette@econtractors.com

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E Contractors USA LLC – E Contractors leverages more than 8 decades of combine professional experience spanning core competenciel3 including construction management, financial advisory and in depth project management. Our network of resources and human capital is the catalyst for our robust mobilization of skilled construction teams and progressive methodologies making our expertise an Integral component for project success. We secure labor through carefully selected subcontractors that have a demonstrated history of safety performance, excellence, arid viable Success.