Purchasing Cooperative of America


Vendors will respond to PCA solicitations via the Bonfire system. To access solicitations. Step 1 - New Vendors: Complete the online Vendor Registration on the VENDOR tab www.pcamerica.org/vendor. Step 2 - First Time Vendors (register & after DUNS & EIN check) and Returning Vendors: log in with USERNAME and PASSWORD on the VENDOR tab and then go to the SOLICITATIONS tab and select the "Solicitations Link" to go to the Bonfire system. After you do this once and then register in the Bonfire system, you may access your solicitation of choice directly through the Bonfire system. Bonfire will automatically CLOSE responses promptly at the solicitation's designated due date and time.

PCA Members who require Due Diligence or Contract information, please register on the Member's Tab & then submit your request to pcamerica@pcamerica.org.