Zones, Inc.

Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA 3-121-15 Technology Products, Software, Parts, Service and Related Items​
  • PCA 3-172-17 Signage - Sales, Parts, Service and Related Items
  • PCA 3-173-17 Telecommunications Equipment, Supplies and/or Service
  • PCA 3-174-17 Audio-Visual, Media Equipment, Supplies and/or Service
  • PCA 3-175-17 Computers, Peripherals, Hardware and Software Supplies
  • PCA 3-176-17 Network Electronics Equipment, Design & Consulting, & Wiring Services
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Zones, Inc. (MBE) is an IT solutions and services company with a global network of experts and partners that provide strategic solutions. Zones provides IT solutions for students, faculty, and administrative staff to track progress, personalize learning, improve efficiency, and meeting reporting requirements. Leverage our experience in education and our specialized knowledge of contracting and contract administration. Zones higher education team is helping IT leaders solve their unique set of challenges as they work to address diverse device support, research-grade performance expectations, extreme demands on wireless networks, and aging infrastructures.

Specializing in:

  • Information Technology Equipment, Supplies, Software and Services

Contacts:      Steve Morberg
                       Sam Grady
                       John McNally
                       Jade Jacobson
                       Wilson Garcia 

                       Paul Imkamp
                                                Region 3 Rep - 800-381-9663 ext. 53107