The Office Pal

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA 3-166-17 - Laboratory Printers, plotters, paper cutters (ink/toner supplies)


The Office Pal –  is a national supplier of ink, toner and all printer supplies for federal, state, local government agencies and educational institutions.

The Office Pal’s focus on printer supplies allows for significantly reduced prices and personalized customer service. Public and private institutions alike find The Office Pal a trusted partner that understands their unique requirements. 

The Office Pal partners with the largest distributors in the Office Supply Industry. With over 75 warehouses throughout the United States, timely delivery to locations throughout the US is ensured.

Put "PCA 3-166-17 Lab Printers" on your Purchase Order.




Latzie Tober - Sales Mgr
PH:  (877) 486-0590 ext. 9

Lauren Salonia - Customer Service Manager
PH: 877-486-0590 ext.114  

Pnina Zeines - Accounting Manager
PH: 877-486-0590 ext. 100