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  • PCA 3-145-16 - Library Books, Textbooks, Digital Readers & Related Items


Rosen Publishing Group - Providing Information to Schools and Libraries in the 21st Century.

How does one combine a commitment to social justice, technological innovation for desired outcomes, and a publishing ethos whose origins go back to the 1950s? At Rosen Publishing we set out fifteen years ago to answer that very question. With a sixty-five year tradition of independent publishing in the school and library space, we considered ourselves particularly well-positioned to impact the lives of one of our constituencies— at risk youth— with new information and new solutions.

Rosen Publishing has an enduring tradition of addressing topics ensuring dissemination of the information through library-bound editions of our books, which have made their way into the circulating reference collections of every library in North America and many other English-speaking countries around the world. A technological expansion of our publishing methods has added to our reach, allowing our material to live in numerous formats: as print books, as eBooks, as interactive eBooks, and as entries in extensive subscription databases. Our databases are continually updated and periodically reformatted as with our newly relaunched flagship resource, Our digital material is created in responsive HTML, thus allowing for it to be accessed on all devices. Our proprietary epointplus platform provides the capability for unlimited, simultaneous access as well as offline viewing and individual user-level annotations, thus ensuring equity of access for vulnerable populations who do not necessarily have the desired connectivity.

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