Reconcile Care Management Services (RCMS)

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-321-20 - Care Management


Traci Johnson, RN CCM
PH:  682-200-7471


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Reconcile Care Management Services (RCMS) - Offers Care Management and Disease Management Services.  We believe healthcare is a RIGHT, not a privilege. To this end, we design, implement, monitor and support Health and Wellness Programs that always work in the best interest of our participants. Our Health and Wellness Program is entitled The Assessment Recording Tracking (ART) of Care Management. They are as follows:

  • Heart Efficiency Assessment Recording Tracking (HEART) Program - Designed to prevent and/or inhibit exacerbation of cardiovascular conditions and to help participants record and track their cardiovascular health using Bluetooth enabled monitoring devices.
  • Diabetes Assessment Recording Tracking (DART) Program - Designed to prevent and/or inhibit exacerbation of diabetic conditions, maintain optimum hemoglobin A1C levels, and help participants record and track their diabetic health using Bluetooth enable monitoring devices.  In addition, participants will receive unlimited testing strips and lancets so that compliance due to limited supplies can be essentially eliminated.
  • Medication-Compliance Assessment Recording Tracking (M-CART) Program - Designed to increase medication compliance for patient with chronic health conditions by reminding participants to take their medications. Participants are provided with medication dispensers that also provide reminders to take medication.  These devices can also assist with reminders regarding medication refills.
  • Coronary Calcium Screen (CCS) Program - This program is designed to be a stand-alone service or in conjunction with our HEART Program. This program allows participants to receive 3-D heart scans to determine a patient’s 10-year risk for stroke, heart attack and heart disease.  The scan is also useful in identifying heart disease in early stages and helps to determine its severity.


RCMS uses a multifaceted approach to Wellness that includes:

  • Data mining to identify participants at risk for chronic disease.
  • Surveys and assessments that identify and/or target participants who have poor health management, little or no follow-up care, and/or insufficient medication refills.
  • Care Manager and Interdisciplinary staff outreach to targeted participants for appointment scheduling and transportation, if applicable.
  • Emphasizing the use of generic medications, if applicable, for participant cost containment.
  • Offering age and gender specific referrals for health screenings, wellness checks and follow-ups.
  • Offering disease-specific health education classes/videos/apps.
  • Evidence-based treatment guidelines to target appropriate treatment.