Mango Languages

Awarded Contracts: 

  • PCA OD-350-21 Books for Libraries, Schools, Universities; Including Video, Audio, Digital, Braille, etc. 
    • Awarded: June 14, 2021 Ends: June 13, 2026 


Contacts:                 Stephanie Bjork, Head of Proposal Management
                                PH:  248.254.7450 ext. 828

                               Shawn Metzger, Sales Manager
                               248.254.7450 ext. 845 
                                Charita Perison, Accounting Coordinator
                                PH:  248.254.7450


Members put "PCA OD-350-21 – Books for Libraries, Schools, Universities; et., al" on your Purchase Order/Invoice.


Mango Languages provides clients with powerful tools for building conversational skills in a new language.  We are excited to offer PCA and its members more than 70 Languages and dialects and over 20 English as a Second Language (ESL/ELL) courses.  Mango serves the language-learning needs of thousands of institutions including libraries, colleges and universities, K - 12 schools, government agencies, corporations, and the public. Mango is more than a language-learning company - most importantly, we are our client’s partner.  As a market leader, we understand the challenges facing administrators, foreign language and ESL teachers, and language learners, and listen closely to user feedback.

Mango’s innovative products and solutions have a solid track record of providing value to the thousands of institutions we serve.  We believe that we can provide tremendous value to nearly any population of learners who desire to learn a new language or to learn English as a Second Language.  

PCA members will receive superior customer service and technical support for administrators, staff, and learners, quick and efficient setup, robust reporting capabilities to track and report usage, and one-on-one support for the life of our partnership.