Awarded Contracts

  • PCA 3-180-17 - Conservation & Efficiency Products and Programs



Chirag Patel, President
275 Lotus Circle, Austin, TX 78737  
PH:  512-717-0660

Justin Bogart, VP of Sales
PH:  202-509-6160

Rojina Shrestha
PH:  512-717-0663

Arpi Isayan
PH: 818-217-2042

Members put "PCA 3-180-17 Conservation & Efficiency Products and Programs" on your Purchase Order

Ecolectrics – a single source provider for solar energy systems. Ecolectrics offers in-house design, engineering, financing, installation, commissioning, monitoring, operation and maintenance services.  Since its inception, Ecolectrics has provided turn-key and engineering services to a diversified group of customers including homeowners, solar contractors, private businesses, municipalities, utilities and US military and developed solar PV projects in excess of 60 MWs (megawatts).


  • Proven commercially available and viable solar power that is both “green” and alternative source of cheaper electricity
  • Finance, engineer, install, own, insure, operate and maintain solar power generating asset and equipment at no up-front capital cost to PCA Member
  • Solar Power Purchase Agreements that help save Members on electricity costs
  • Solar Lease to Own Contracts
  • Emergency Back Up Power
  • Battery Back Up Power