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Diamond Pro Corporation

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA 3-168-17 - Waste & Refuse Containers – Roll Offs, Dumpsters, & Other Heavy Duty Containers, and Parts and Service

Diamond Pro Corporation – Diamond Pro was founded in 2004 with a desire to build a company to do great things in a fun and rewarding environment.  Over the years Diamond Pro has kept the course to accomplish this.  As a fully integrated Fabricating facility Diamond Pro has the capacity to mass-produce and to also do custom work to meet a customer’s specific need.  

Diamond Pro manufactures a wide array of Refuse Containers starting form 2 yard up to 10 Yard. Diamond Pro also offers Roll Off Containers from 20 yard to 40 yard.  We can offer a number of custom colors and with our in-house printing; we can offer custom signage and Logos for our customers.  Custom Products are available and we are adding more versions and innovations each day. 

We believe you should receive what you want and receive it when you want it.  Period… we strive to maintain a culture where everyone on the Diamond Pro Team feels this same way.  We want to deliver accurate information to our customers and then meet the expectations agreed upon.  Not matter the size of the order.  A customer that experiences this will return. 
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