B&H Foto & Electronics Corp

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA 3-174-17 Audio-Visual, Media Equipment, Supplies and/or Service


Israel Mamann
Contract Manager  
PH:  212-239-7500 ext. 2266
Email:  israelm@bhphoto.com

Robert Meskin
PH: 212-239-7500 ext. 7746
Email:  7746@bhphoto.com

Members put "PCA 3-174-17 AV - 677734110" on your Purchase Order

B&H Foto & Electronics Corp. is a Retailer of Equipment & Accessories for Photo, Video, Pro Audio, Visual, Computers, Software, Binoculars, Night Vision, Scopes, Ophthalmic Goods, Theatrical Supplies, Musical Instruments, Audio, Security, Portable Entertainment, Home Theater, Pro Projectors, Projector Screens, Cables, & Used Equipment.

B&H is the Professional Source for Photo, Video, Audio & all the latest technology. Our dedicated team of knowledgeable Federal Government & Organizational Sales Professionals will address your specific needs, and a personal Account Manager will serve as your point of contact to handle your requests.