Unipak Corp.

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA 3-204-18 - Custodial Services, Supplies, and Cleaning Equipment



Brian Marcus
Ph:  (888) 808-5120 or (718) 677-1065
Fax: (718) 677-9371


Members put "PCA 3-204-18" on your Purchase Order.


Unipak Corp. – Unipak Corp. is a national manufacturer and distributor for plastic trash can liners, plastic food storage bags and gloves. For over 20 years, Unipak has been manufacturing and distributing these items to numerous government agencies, sectors and cooperative organizations (including and not limited to the grocer, healthcare and hospitality and retail industries).  Whether the distribution is through a “bid” or via a vendor portal, Unipak continually provides unparalleled customer service,  reliable and timely deliveries of all products and ensures the correct product is delivered on time, every time.  Additionally, Unipak would like to make note of the fact, that the products are shipped from plants located throughout the country, ensuring a successful and prompt delivery to any and all PCA member locations.  We take pride in the fact that we can ship our products all around the country as quickly as we can ship to our next door neighbors.