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  • PCA 3-140-16 - Police Equipment, Surveillance, IT, Supplies, and Related Items


L3 Mobile-Vision, Inc. - In 1981, NJ State Trooper Philip Lamonaco was shot and killed during a traffic stop in Knowlton Township, NJ.  This tragic incident provided the inspiration for Lou Blanco and Leo Lorenzetti to investigate ways that newly emerging video technology could be used to protect police officers while on duty.  After years of testing and perfecting the solution, Mobile-Vision was finally ready to go to market in 1987 and debuted at the Police & Security Expo in Atlantic City, NJ.

A Vision for Law Enforcement Technology

From there, Mobile-Vision became a pioneer in the in-car video industry bringing new and emerging technology to the law enforcement community regularly.  In 2004, the first Flashback DIGITAL in-car video system was launched. With this change, the already rugged Mobile-Vision systems became even more so, with the elimination of all moving parts.

At this point the VoiceLink Plus, wireless microphone was also invented.  This microphone was the first of its kind, specifically designed for use in the law enforcement industry.

Since then, L3 Mobile-Vision continued to build on its strength in the industry and expanded our solutions to include the V-One Mobile Data Computer, AlertVU License Plate Recognition, PatrolScout LIVE Streaming software and BodyVISION Body-worn Cameras.

Today, our Digital Evidence Management Solution is able to store digital files evidence from L3’s in-car video, body-worn cameras, license plates recognition systems as well as other digital files to help make customers evidence management process quick and efficient.

Mobile-Vision and L3 Communications Unite

In 2005, Mobile-Vision was acquired by L3 Communications, a leading provider of a broad range of communication and electronic systems and products used on military and commercial platforms. Recognizing L-3 Mobile-Vision as the leader in an industry it was trying to embark on, Mobile-Vision became L3 Mobile-Vision, Inc.

For over 29 years, L3 Mobile-Vision has delivered to customers, rugged and reliable equipment and systems that allow public safety agencies to capture, manage, and communicate critical information in a safe, secure, and effective manner.

When you buy L3, you don’t just purchase a product, you buy a solution and the support of a company that cares about your mission as much as you do.

Put "PCA 3-140-16 - Police Equip." on your Purchase Order.



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