Hartmann Fine Art Conservation Services, Inc.

Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA 3-137-15 Repair & Maintenance for Historic Buildings, Sites, and Artifacts


Hartmann Conservation’s (SBE) mission is to provide the highest quality professional art conservation services for our client and their artwork based on experience, knowledge, resourcefulness, and sound ethics. Since 1985, our company has performed hands-on expert conservation project management, assessment, treatment, emergency response, environmental monitoring, handling, transportation, and cyclic collection maintenance services. We specialize in the conservation of historic paintings, modern paintings, murals, frames, historic furniture, and decorative or historic objects, as well as providing historic preservation services to historic sites, buildings, and landmarks. Our clientele includes local, state and federal government agencies; historic preservation architects and organizations; public, private, educational, and religious institutions; museums; corporate collections; and private clients of all sizes. To date, our company has brought advanced conservation skills and expertise to more than 1,000 collections, paintings, and artifacts, with projects ranging from the treatment of severely damaged personal artifacts to multiyear contracts overseeing the care and maintenance of priceless museum and government art collections and registered landmark facilities.

Our company was founded by John Hartmann, an American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) paintings conservation Fellow and former Chief of Conservation for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (1985-2005). Under his guidance and leadership, we pride ourselves on delivering the finest client experience and upholding the standards of the AIC Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice. All artifact assessments and treatments are performed discreetly and efficiently with cutting edge conservation techniques and the utmost professionalism, transparency, and confidentiality. We are very confident in our ability to provide exceptional management and service for large, complex, and multi-disciplinary conservation projects.

Hartmann Conservation provides the following services:

  • Advanced artifact treatment and stabilization
  • Expert large-scale project management
  • Emergency response and recovery of collections
  • Conservation surveys, consultations, and assessments for complete collections, exhibit and storage spaces, or individual artifacts
  • Analytical services including scientific imaging, paint analysis, x-radiology, and materials testing
  • Curatorial and housekeeping consultations, including training and identification of collection priorities
  • In situ environmental monitoring programs
  • Custom archival framing, matting, and gilding
  • In-depth documentary reports and photographs
  • Secure, climate-controlled artifact storage
  • Museum-quality packing, crating, shipping, and transport of fine art
  • Collection exhibit and storage space design


For more information about our services and experience, please visit our website at http://www.hartmannconservation.com.

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Contact info:

John Hartmann, President and Chief Conservator

E: hartmannconservation@yahoo.com

Ph: (717) 574-3579

F: (717) 258-3002