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  • PCA 3-141-16 - LED Lighting and Related Item

ELS, LLC (aKa Enviro-Lite Solutions, LLC) is an LED light company focused on enhancing the image of your world, while saving not only your world but your budget as well. ELS was created to combat the problems that are associated with the out-of-date, inefficient, and harmful Fluorescent lighting.

The ELS solution and the expansion of LED technology is not only a win-win situation for the environment and those who are thriving in the LED research and development business, but also every single person who uses and is exposed to artificial light. Millions of people world-wide fail to realize that they are exposing themselves everyday to neurotoxins, harmful chemicals and lead.

As countries all over the world have joined together to combat the harmful effects of the previous generations poor lighting standards, the United States is doing its part. U.S. Congress has already passed legislation that will phase out inefficient energy products in the near future. Many manufacturers have begun to cease production on these products and have converted over to the development of LED technology. As the demand becomes higher for LEDs, so does the demand for professionals in the field, creating jobs.  

Researchers and developers are discovering how light and color affects human beings. Studies in Sweden and Germany have proven that LED lighting has the potential to increase a persons’ cognitive skills as well as concentration. Behavior and mood also changes with optimized lighting patterns. In fact, studies have shown that lighting can significantly decrease depression, anxiety and other psychological stress in senior citizens.

Enviro-Lite (ELS) is now a registered electrical contractor with the state of Texas, our TECL# is 32155.

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