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Awarded Contracts

  • PCA 3-140-16 - Police Equipment, Surveillance, IT, Supplies, and Related Items


Digital Ally, Inc. - Digital Ally™, Inc. develops and manufactures technology that provides customers with the ultimate liability protection and evidence recording capabilities, coupled with convenience and ease of use. Headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas, Digital Ally™ Inc. is publicly traded on The NASDAQ Capital Market under symbol DGLY.

Established in 2004, Digital Ally™, Inc. adopted a think tank approach, utilizing multi-disciplined engineers, sales and support staff, as well as collaborating with cutting-edge firms to design innovative products. Digital Ally™, Inc.'s products have been developed for applications in industries such as law enforcement, fire, EMS, and commercial fleet management. Digital Ally™, Inc. revolutionized mobile video by introducing a complete video system integrated into a rear-view mirror that provides a more efficient use of space in vehicles, as well as providing a user-friendly system that can be positioned so it is not distracting to users. All of the video systems designed by Digital Ally™, Inc. offer many important benefits such as being fully-automatic, capturing irrefutable evidence, and total solution design and support. Digital Ally™, Inc. has also developed a dynamic, comprehensible back office software solution for easy management, review, and archiving of recorded evidence.

“With new, forward-looking products being designed constantly, Digital Ally™, Inc. strives to offer customers the solutions they need to capture the truth in situations where it matters the most. Our focus remains on protecting and serving those who have devoted themselves to doing the same for us,” vows Stanton E. Ross, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Ally™, Inc. “That's what thousands have come to expect from us, and that's what we'll continue to deliver.”

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