American Eagle Lighting Enterprises, LLC

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA 03-141-16 - LED Lighting and Related Items


American Eagle Lighting Enterprises LLC AEL is a lighting company that strives to make our environment healthier. We provide energy-efficient lighting solutions at affordable prices with our Life Long LED™ lights and fixtures, as well as help our clients achieve maximum energy efficiency through renewable energy sources and M&V measures.

AEL began as a LED retrofit lighting company that strived to provide energy-efficient lighting solutions at affordable prices to all types of customers. Today we pride ourselves in not only offering our global LED lighting evaluations and conversions, but helping our clients realize all of the tools available to them to reduce their energy consumption, make our environment healthier, and save money.

AEL has partnered with Francis Renewable Energy to help reduce energy usage even further through multiple technologies such as geothermal and solar power, at no up-front cost! As well as Facilitrak Corporation whose proprietary M&V systems will take it one step further by eliminating wasted power sources.

We are most proud of our strong partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® in Memphis, TN. AEL donates 10% of all proceeds from the retail, commercial and federal divisions of our company.

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