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Aleddra Inc. – is a hi-tech company in Seattle and a leader in LED technology with over 40 patents. Its dual-mode LED T8 lamp (AC and ballast), now boasting Generation 6 design, has been tested and approved by NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) facility team to be the safest LED T8 out of 605 LED T8 lamps from different vendors, and thereafter designated as the standard for T8/T12 retrofit at KSC.

The newly introduced emergency LED T8 lamp supports the operation as a regular T8 lamp and is controllable via a wall switch. During power outage, it will last over 90 minutes on battery, providing adequate emergency lighting for schools, offices, and hospitals. 

Aleddra also offers the most cost-effectively Sports Light that greatly benefit the schools, colleges, universities, and municipality park services on retrofitting the lights for their sports fields.

Aleddra’s indoor and outdoor lighting products have being setting the industry standard consistently, and it has being providing energy-efficient lighting solutions to many schools and local government with great success.

Aleddra is a Small Business, and is listed in  Our DUNS Number is: 079961303

Please contact us if you like a quote, or if you have any questions. Our phone number is: 425-430-4555.


Aleddra’s antiviral panel light has been awarded with IES Innovation Award:

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