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  • PCA 3-141-16 - LED Lighting and Related Items


Aleddra Inc. was originally formed as a business unit of Lightel Technologies Inc. in 2008. This business focuses on integrating engineering talents across four different fields—optics, electrical, mechanical engineering and heat management. By successfully leveraging R&D resources, and expertise in optics and electronics, Aleddra has quickly established a market position for itself as a leading innovator in the LED lighting industry.

Aleddra Inc. has over 11 patents related to LED Lighting. It is an industry leader for the dual mode T8 replacement, LED tube. Our dual mode tube can be easily used for retrofits, or new construction since it can be installed on both the existing fixture with the ballast or in LED fixtures with the AC wiring. It is UL certified for both operations, since it is shock proof, which is a claim few manufacturers can make. What that means to you, is that our LED tubes are much safer than many of the other leading brands which translates to fewer liability issues for you.

We offer a wide variety of LED lamps and fixtures for both indoor and outdoor use. Our fixtures can be used in parks, stadiums, parking lots and garages, etc. Our interior lighting can be used inside warehouses, schools, hospitals, churches, … the applications are endless!

Aleddra Inc. has established relationships with agents and distributors throughout the United States, and can sell through multiple channels.

We’ve held key contracts with counties, school districts, colleges, and many other food chains.

Our commitment to detail and quality allow our products to be qualified for utility rebates, which has contributed to our marked success within a relatively short period of time.

Aleddra is a Small Business, and is listed in  Our DUNS Number is: 079961303

Please contact us if you like a quote, or if you have any questions. Our phone number is: 425-430-4555.

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Jeanne Cassidy
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Aleddra LED Lighting is proud to announce that it has recently added a newly designed EasiFit Troffer kit to its LED product line.

The new EasiFit® Troffer Retrofit Kit is a great addition to the product line.  It reuses the existing troffer housing, which saves the labor costs of having to remove it, AND eliminates the disposal fees from having to throw it away.  At the same time, it provides a more aesthetic appearance than the old fixture. The beautifully designed Troffer Kit gives a face lit to the office environment, and the 0-10V dimming is very useful for conference room, classroom, and patient rooms. It's aggressively priced and easy to install.  The 0-10V dimming makes it controllable when using a daylight harvesting system for further energy savings. The patented design of this kit makes it very easy to install, and it doesn’t require any screws.  The Aleddra EasiFit Troffer Kit is UL/DLC certified for utility rebates. This fixture comes with a 7-year warranty. The 10-year warranty is optional at an incremental price.

The installation demonstration video is available at:

Aleddra specializes in both indoor and outdoor lighting and is perhaps best known in the industry for its innovative T8 Surefit DBA LED tubes.  The T8 Replacement tubes,  are double-end wired, and have Aleddra’s patented Safety Switches.  They are ballast compatible AND AC Line Voltage friendly.  Many dual-mode LED tubes on the market only claim to have UL certification for both operations, but the truth is they may only have one certification, which is on the ballast type of operation only. (They probably don’t have the UL certification for working on regular (AC) line voltage operations. )Though they can operate with line voltage, there is an electric shock hazard). Picture your custodian or crew doing a retrofit project…. High, up on a ladder or lift…. Instead of voltage being 110 V, it may be much hotter, at 277 V.  The potential shock could cause burns or knock the custodian off of a ladder causing much additional injury.  The Aleddra G5 DBA+LED Tube is a dual mode LED tube, it IS UL certified for both types of operations, and works with both types of applications. The listings are: UL OOLV.E479597 & IFAR.E325073.

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